We work to transfer our social and environmental requirements to our chain of suppliers, including them in our tenders. It is essential to us that aspects such as equality, work-life balance, health and safety, employment, disability care, climate change, energy efficiency, the circular economy and others integrated into their business management, becoming a tractor element of corporate social responsibility in our suppliers.

Pursuant to guidelines set out in new regulations on public procurement, we are encouraging the inclusion of social and environmental criteria in our tenders.

This position means raising the requirements asked of Renfe Group contractors to date. The objective is to gradually include new clauses transversally, provided that they relate to the object of the contract, as under legislation, social and environmental clauses must be linked to the object of the contract and be proportional.

Other criteria are also taken into consideration, according to the object of each contract, such as providing SMEs or social economy enterprises with access to public contracts.

Forum for Socially Responsible Recruitment (ConR)

We have been a member of the Forum for Socially Responsible Recruitment since 2019. This forum aims to promote social clauses in public and private procurement to increase job opportunities for people with disabilities and universal accessibility.

The ConR Forum aims to use investment capacity and public spending as a social policy instrument for disability so that every euro invested in public procurement has its social return.