Menu of Services and Commitments to our customers on Lines C-1, C-2 and C-3 of the Cercanías Asturias network

Date of Publication: 04/10/2007.
Latest Revision: 29/08/2022.
Validity: 29/08/2024.

Our Mission

Renfe Cercanías (Commuter) provides passenger transport in areas of intensive, recurrent travel, applying the criteria of quality, efficiency, innovation and guidance to the customer

Our aim is to consolidate our service as one of essential, efficient and prestigious public transport, and to establish it as a point of reference for sustainable, safe citizen mobility. Certification in accordance with the UNE-EN 13816 Standard (Public Passenger Transport) adapts and contributes to this goal. We also believe that our performance in our daily operations meets with the parameters set for quality, and that Renfe Cercanías (Commuter) is one of the services most appreciated by citizens, as reflected in the evaluation we receive from the different customer satisfaction surveys that we carry out.

We play an active role in the vertebration and integration of the country, meeting citizens' demand for mobility by providing 196 trains every working day, to meet a demand of our passengers, who put their trust in us to take them to work, leisure activities and studies. Our fleet of trains includes the modern CIVIA train that is defined by its modularity, efficiency and accessibility, and we can say that our trains are part of the landscape of the towns and cities of the Principality. We are also committed to modernizing station facilities, and sales and passenger information systems.



Certified Lines:

  • C-1 Gijón / Oviedo – Puente de los Fierros
  • C-2 Oviedo – El Entrego
  • C-3 Llamaquique / Oviedo – San Juan de Nieva

Our Commitment

This Service Offer contains the commitments to quality of service that we establish with our customers on the three lines of the Asturias Cercanías Hub, certified in accordance with the UNE-EN 13816 Standard. This European Standard, through its Particular Regulation for Public Passenger Transport, sets required levels for each of these commitments, grouped into 8 major sections. These levels must be measured periodically to verify the degree of compliance. If necessary, corrective steps must be taken to reach the set levels.

This document contains the definition of these commitments, as well as the levels and standards that we take on. We will communicate our level of compliance annually on the Renfe Asturias Cercanías Website.

We aim to have a global, integrated vision of quality of service: from the viewpoint of customers, what they expect and what they perceive; and from the viewpoint of Renfe Cercanías (Commuter), what we offer and what we put into service. The aim is to reduce possible differences between what customers expect and what they perceive, and between the service proposed and that finally given.

General terms and conditions of transport contracts with passengers

The contractual relationship between Renfe Viajeros (Renfe Passengers) and its passengers is regulated by the general terms and conditions with passengers, which refer to the following:

  • Services
  • Ticket
  • Passenger Rights and Obligations
  • Responsibility of Renfe
  • Extra services

You will find information about extra services in trains and stations, but you can find more detailed information in staffed stations and at the Renfe Website.

Moreover, Renfe Viajeros' (Renfe Passengers) activities are carried out in abidance with, among others, the following regulations:

  • Railway Sector Act, 38/2015, of 29 September.
  • Royal Decree 2387/2004 of 30 December, which approves the Railway Regulations.
  • Royal Decree 2395/2004 of 30 December, which approves the bylaws of the state-owned rail infrastructure administrator "ADIF".
  • Royal Decree 2396/2004 of 30 December, which approves the bylaws of the state-owned "Renfe Operadora".
  • Regulation (EC) No. 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2007 on the rights and obligations of rail passengers.
  • And as many provisions as applicable



  • 1.    Go further in providing guidance to the customer, offering a reliable, fast and safe service.
  • 2.    Encourage innovation and training, incorporating the new technologies, above all those aimed at security, energy efficiency and passenger information.
  • 3.    Adapt what we offer in order to respond to citizen demand for transport and mobility, meeting their expectations and required levels of quality.
  • 4.    Modernize our rolling stock to meet the needs of renewal, growth and the development of new services.
  • 5.    Establish commitments to service quality with our customers
  • 6.    Contribute to the sustainable development by optimizing the energy resources necessary for carrying out our activities.
  • 7.    Have available communication channels with our customers, in order to receive and resolve their complaints, suggestions and information needs.
  • 8.    Inform appropriately about service incidents, alterations and changes.
  • 9.    Maintain our facilities and trains in adequate conditions of cleanliness, comfort and operation.
  • 10.    Be capable of making a substantial contribution to the sustainable and safe mobility of our passengers, responding effectively to the mobility requirements set by society.

Renfe Cercanías (Commuter) commitments to its Customers

  • 1.   Service Offered. We commit to making a general offer of services to adapt to the needs and expectations of our customers. The difference between levels of satisfaction and expectation must not exceed 10 %. At least 90 % of passengers will travel with a level of occupation not exceeding 4 standing passengers per square metre.
  • 2.    Accessibility. More than 95 % of passengers will find mechanical devices available and fully operational. 90 % of passengers will be able to acquire tickets before boarding the train, and 95 % of passengers will be able to validate them before and/or after the journey.
  • 3.    Information. Passengers will find continuously updated necessary information about services offered on trains and in stations, as well as means of contacting Renfe Cercanías (Commuter). At least 90 % of trains and 95 % of stations will have this information available.
  • 4.    Time. Times of arrival must match the times set and published, and at least 98 % of trains will arrive on time at their destinations. For the fulfilment of the commercial offer, the percentage of trains arriving at their destination 3 minutes or less late will be taken into considered, classifying trains that are cancelled or not run as non-punctual.
  • 5.    Customer Service. Passengers must treated respectful and cordially. We will make periodic customer satisfaction surveys to find out how the service provided is perceived and valued. Such overall customer perception must be greater than 7 and never less than 6 on a scale of 0 to 10. At least 80% of complaints must be answered within 20 days, and the other complaints within the period established by the current regulations (30 days).
  • 6.    Comfort. At least 97 % of passengers on trains will travel with adequate temperature control to guarantee comfort inside the train. Passengers should find stations and trains with a satisfactory degree of cleanliness according to an established cleaning and conservation plan, rating them above 7 and never below 6 on a scale of 0 to 10. Vehicles will have display monitor and public address equipment whose functionality must be ensured in at least 95% of the journeys.
  • 7.  Safety. Both on trains and at stations, passengers will feel safe against crime, with the service responding to customers’ expectations. The difference between levels of expectation and satisfaction must not exceed 10 %. 100 % of passengers will be protected on their journeys by Emergency Plans, which will be updated periodically.
  • 8.    Environmental Impact. Environmental Indicators will be available about management of the service, in particular about energy consumption. The environmental information will be released annually on the Renfe Cercanías Asturias website. 

To contact us

You can send us any complaints, suggestions or information requests to:

  • Núcleo de Cercanías de Asturias. C/ Uría, s / n. Edificio Anexo a la Estación de Renfe. 33003 OVIEDO
  • Telephone: 985 981 441 / 91 232 03 20
  • Lost Property Phone No.: 985 981 267
  • E-mail: Customer Asturias

If you consider it necessary, you can request the Complaints Book at staffed stations in times of customer service. In all cases you will be attended as fast as possible. Thank you for your help and collaboration towards improving the service we provide.