For safety reasons, as of 12 December 2023 passengers will not be allowed to board the train with electric scooters, unicycles or similar vehicles. This does not apply to vehicles for people with reduced mobility, or to electric bicycles.


Your bicycle travels for free with you on all our Cercanías trains. Just keep the following in mind:

  • Each person can travel with one bicycle
  • The bicycle must be placed in the spaces intended for such purposes. If there is no signposted area on the train, place it on the access platform, not in the way of passageways or non-tip-up seating areas.
  • If there are many passengers onboard the train and you cannot travel with your bicycle, you can choose to travel on another train or receive a refund for your ticket.
  • You are responsible for your bicycle. Make sure that you take it on and off the train and look after it in such a way that you do not damage the train's elements or misplace it.
  • If you prefer, you can also leave your bike in any of the bicycle parking spots at the stations. Consult all the information.

If you are fan of surfing, you can also travel on Cercanías Asturias trains with your surf board. We take you to catch the best waves on the beaches of Gijón and San Juan de Nieva.


Your pet travels for free with you on all our Cercanías trains. Just keep the following in mind:

  • Pets are allowed (dogs, cats and birds) with no weight limit and provided they are on a lead
  • They travel for free with you and do not need a ticket 
  • They do not need to travel in a cage or carrier
  • Dogs must travel with a muzzle
  • Each person can travel with one pet

Guide and assistance dogs travel without weight or transport limitations.

Your pet is another member of your family. Respect the rules to avoid inconveniences or damage and enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.