What is Feve?

Feve was a Spanish railway operator (the name of which was the acronym for Ferrocarriles de Vía Estrecho (narrow-gauge railways)), which managed the narrow-gauge (metric gauge) railway infrastructures for freight, commuter and regional passenger services.

The company was established in 1965 and operated mainly in the north of Spain, where it also created some of our most emblematic and historic tourist trains: El Transcantábrico and El Expreso de la Robla!

What is Renfe Cercanías (Commuter) Metric Gauge?

Over the years, Feve has upgraded and renewed its trains and routes. In 2013, it merged with Renfe Operadora, which gave rise to Renfe Feve, currently Renfe Cercanías (Commuter) Metric Gauge (Cercanías AM). 

Renfe Cercanías (Commuter) Metric Gauge now offers an extensive network of narrow-gauge railways in the north west of Spain (Galicia) and in Murcia in addition to some provinces of Castile and León. Gradually, fare integration with the Renfe Cercanías (commuter) network is being rolled out, as has already been the case in the Asturias , Cantabria and Bilbao hubs.

Most of the Luxury tourist trains and some Theme Trains also travel on narrow-gauge railways, such as El Transcantábrico Gran Lujo, El Costa Verde Express, El Expreso de La Robla o la Ruta de los Faros de los Galicia Tourist Trains.