Tarjeta Dorada

If you are over 60, you can benefit from a 40% discount on your one-way and return tickets by signing up for the Tarjeta Dorada card and using it in your purchases.

This card, named and non-transferable, has a price of €6 and can be purchased at any ticket office in stations or travel agencies. It is valid for one year.

The 40% discount is valid every day of the week.

People over 18 years of age in receipt of a pension, with a permanent, total or absolute or severe physical or mental disability, and people with a level of disability of 33% or more, can also purchase the Tarjeta Dorada card. If you have a disability of 65% or more, you can travel with a companion who will do so in the same financial conditions as you.

You can also purchase your Tarjeta Dorada card associated with a credit or debit card from partner banks.