Station car parks

Most of our stations have car parks, where you can leave your car before or after the trip. You will earn time and benefit from the comfort of leaving your car directly at the station, without having to park on the street.

In addition, if you are a Más Renfe Oro or Más Renfe Platino customer you can always park for free when you travel on AVE, Alvia, Intercity, Euromed or Avant trains, regardless of the seat you booked.

You can park for free for 24 hours. Your membership of the Más Renfe loyalty programme must be valid and your membership number must be printed on the ticket.

Check all car parks


You should always collect the parking ticket when accessing the car park. At the time of payment, you will have to validate it either automatically (through the ATMs, by scanning the barcode, Bidi or QR code of your ticket) or manually, handing it over it along with your ticket to the car park staff.