Avant Trains

Renfe’s Avant services are Media Distancia (Mid-distance) services provided by high-speed trains specifically designed for short journeys.

This service allows you to enjoy high speed between towns and cities close to one another with very competitive travel times and benefit from the advantages of passes such as the Plus Tarjeta card, designed for passengers who use these trains very frequently.

The following routes are currently available using Avant services:

  • Madrid – Segovia - Valladolid (Avant)
  • Málaga – Córdoba – Seville (Avant)
  • Granada - Málaga (Avant)
  • Granada – Córdoba – Seville (Avant)
  • Madrid - Ciudad Real - Puertollano (Avant)
  • Madrid - Toledo (Avant)
  • Barcelona - Tarragona - Lleida (Avant)
  • Calatayud – Zaragoza (Avant)
  • A Coruña - Santiago - Ourense (Avant)
  • Barcelona - Girona (Avant)
  • Barcelona - Figueres Vilafant (Avant)
  • Valencia - Requena Utiel (Avant)
  • Salamanca-Segovia-Madrid (Avant) (only accepts multi-travel titles).
  • Albacete-Cuenca-Madrid (Avant) (only accepts multi-travel titles).