What is Atendo?

Atendo is a free assistance service for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. It is a specialist service that facilitates guidance, information and assistance during access and transit for passengers at stations and helps them get on and off trains.

You can request it for your trips in Ave, Larga Distancia (Long Distance), Avant (mid-distance high-speed) and Media Distancia (Mid-distance).

What services does it offer?

When requesting the Atendo service, let us know what your needs are, so we can help you in the best possible way:

  • If you are travelling in your wheelchair and want to travel in a seat, let us know so we can take this into account. Your wheelchair must be able to be closed or folded for easy transport.
  • If you have other mobility problems, you can request one of our wheelchairs, on which you can be transferred through the station and receive help getting on and off the train.
  • If you have a hearing disability, we can offer technical aids for better communication.
  • If you have a visual impairment, we can accompany you on your journey around the station, help you get on and off the train and find your seat.
  • If you have an intellectual disability or difficulty understanding, we can guide you through the station to your seat on the train.

In addition, if you are with a companion or person assisting you, or you are travelling with a guide or assistance dog, let us know so that we can take this into account.

Renfe's commitment to accessibility


The Atendo service has been expanding its features since it was rolled out, with a growing number of accessible stations and trains, reducing notice times for request for assistance or incorporating permanent assistance services at the main stations.

All of this represents a further step within Renfe's firm desire to improve railway accessibility, a determined commitment to equal rights and opportunities in access to public transport services, always in agreement with the social agents involved, CERMI and FUNDACIÓN ONCE.

Freephone number

The freephone number900 400 555 is a service associated with the purchase of tickets and to request the Atendo service for visually-impaired people.

It can be used to purchase, exchange and cancel tickets, as well as request Atendo assistance at the time of purchase.