Where can I buy my ticket to travel via Avlo?

You can purchase your ticket to travel on Avlo trains through the following shopping channels:

  • avlorenfe.com
  • renfe.com
  • ticket offices at stations
  • phone sales (912 320 320)
  • travel agencies
  • online travel agencies
  • post offices
  • self-service machines (without add-ons)



I am a Tarjeta Más Renfe (loyalty programme) cardholder, can I earn Renfe Points for my trips on Avlo? Can I use them to buy tickets?

Yes. Trips on Avlo trains earn Renfe Points. You can use them to buy your Avlo tickets and also redeem them on other services. 



What is the maximum number of tickets I can buy in the same transaction?

The maximum number of tickets you can select during a single purchase process is 9.


Are there any discounts for groups?

Avlo trains only offer discounts for Spanish Large Families (20% for general category and 50% for special category large families).


Are there any discounts for children?

Children under 14 years old pay a reduced fixed price of €5 (up to a maximum of 2 children tickets per adult ticket) and occupy a seat.


Do I need to register to buy a ticket on the Avlo website?

Yes. Avlo tickets are issued in the name of the passenger, so it is necessary to register before making the purchase. If you are already a registered Renfe customer, you can use the same username and password to log into the Avlo website.


Can I request assistance for people with disabilities or reduced mobility if I travel on Avlo trains?

Yes. Your trips on Avlo trains allow you to request the assistance service for people with disabilities or reduced mobility at no additional charge. You can select this option while you purchase your ticket.

In addition, Avlo trains are fully accessible, have H seats for passengers travelling with their own wheelchair and toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility.


Can I change or cancel my ticket?

The Basic Fare does not accept any changes or cancellations, but you can add this option to your ticket for only €8. Therefore, you will be entitled to make changes on the date and/or time of the trip, or to cancel it if you need to do so.

Changes to the origin-destination of the ticket or the holder are not allowed.

Please note that you will only be able to include this at the time of purchase and make changes once up to 30 minutes before departure of the train.

If the changed or cancelled ticket has a child ticket associated with it, the same changes will apply free of charge.

If the change occurs for another train in which the ticket is more or less expensive, you will be refunded or charged the difference in the cost of the new ticket.

As we can all make mistakes, you have 2 hours after purchase to cancel your tickets at no cost.


Can I make changes or cancel any of the extra services added to my ticket during purchase?

No, independent cancellation of add-ons is not allowed. If you wish to cancel a ticket with associated add-ons, 100% of the amount of the add-ons (except the change and cancellation costs) will be refunded.


What luggage is allowed on Avlo trains?

The Basic Fare includes the following luggage in the ticket price, free of charge:

  • 1 piece of hand luggage (bag, rucksack, etc.) subject to the following size limitations: 36x27x25 cm, no weight limit.
  • 1 suitcase, subject to the following size limitations: 55x35x25 cm, no weight limit.

If you need to add 1 piece of additional, larger-sized luggage, measuring a maximum of 85x60x35 cm (or not more than 180 cm in total), you can do so when purchasing of your ticket for €10 or after purchasing your ticket and up to 30 minutes before the train departs using any of our sales channels for €15. In the final 30 minutes before your train departs, you can add extra luggage at the station's boarding control for €30.

Bear in mind that there is a maximum numbers of suitcases allowed per train per date, so if you need an extra suitcase, we recommend you book it when purchasing your ticket.


I travel with my baby, can I bring a pushchair or baby seat on board the train?

Yes, passengers with a child's ticket may travel with folded child seats and pushchairs, a maximum of one for each child's ticket and at no additional cost.


Can I bring a bicycle on board the train?

Only folding bicycles and kick scooters (non-electric) are allowed, provided that they do not exceed the maximum dimensions established for luggage: 55x35x25 cm (carry-on bag, no weight limit, included free of charge in the price of the Basic Fare) or 85x60x35 cm or maximum of 180 cm in total (additional luggage for an additional cost).

Remember that bicycles and scooters must always be folded away and placed in their carrying case.


Can I travel with my pet?

Yes, you can travel with your pet for only €10, provided that:

  • you have a small pet: dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits (not farmyard animals).
  • your pet weighs no more than 10 kg
  • your pet travels inside a cage or carrier, which must measure a maximum of 60x35x35 cm
  • maximum 1 pet per person
  • pets must always travel with their own pet ticket and do not take up a seat

Guide and assistance dogs are allowed on the train free of charge.


Does my ticket allow me to choose the seat in advance?

The Basic Fare does not allow you to choose your seat; however, you can add this service as an extra for just €8 (per journey) when purchasing your ticket. This way, you can guarantee your comfort by choosing where you travel.

If you purchase a return ticket, the seat selection option will be available for both journeys.


Can I access Renfe Club Lounges with my Avlo ticket?

Avlo ticket holders with a valid Tarjeta Más Renfe Plata, Más Renfe Oro or Más Renfe Platino loyalty card can access the Club Lounges.


Does my Avlo ticket include the Combined Cercanías fare?

No, Avlo tickets do not include the Combined Cercanías fare.


Do Avlo trains have a Silent Carriage?

No. Avlo trains do not currently offer this service.


Is WIFI available on board the trains?

Yes. Avlo trains offer WiFi on board.


Is there a buffet car on board?

Avlo trains do not have a buffet car, but automatic vending machines with hot and cold drinks and a variety of snacks are available. A mobile bar service is available on selected routes. Please note that the vending machines only accept payment by credit/debit card.


Is a music and video channel offered on the trains?

Avlo trains do not offer these services.


What do I do if I have lost something on the train?

If you think you may have lost or forgotten an item on the train, you can contact us at the following e-mail: objetosperdidosestaciones@adif.es.

In addition, there are Lost Property offices in different stations.


Am I entitled to compensation if my train is delayed? How can I apply?

At Avlo, our aim is to make sure you always arrive on time; however, if your train is delayed, you are entitled to claim compensation, which you will receive in the form of a discount voucher for your next trip or using the same form of payment as that used to purchase the ticket.

The conditions are as follows:

  • Delay of more than 60 minutes: refund of 50% of the ticket price
  • Delay of more than 90 minutes: refund of 100% of the ticket price.

You can claim your compensation automatically at the following link: apply for compensation


Can I request an invoice for my ticket?

Yes. You can request your ticket invoice automatically when making your purchase or at a later date, via your personal area.

Remember that for an invoice to be issued, the necessary tax data (Personal ID No. or Tax ID No.) must be loaded onto your user profile.


Is there an Avlo help centre at stations?

You can go to Renfe's service centres and last-minute points at the stations if you need to make an enquiry or arrangement. 



For more information, please read Avlo's specific travel conditions.



You can contact us on +34 91 232 03 20, access our Complaints Portal or use our form for suggestions, compliments and information requests.