What are proximity services?

During 2023 and over a period of three years, Renfe will launch its new proximity rail services. These rail routes run at intermediate frequencies encompassing Cercanías (Commuter) services and Media Distancia (Mid-distance) services, in response to citizen's daily mobility needs.

These routes, part of the public service obligations (PSO), under the name of proximity services, are:

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has approved the frequencies, timetables and rates for these proximity services, which in 2023 will be freeon account of the free passes available for Cercanías (Commuter) and Media Distancia (Mid-distance) travel.

One-way and return tickets, discounts, etc., can be purchased at station ticket offices, travel agencies, over the phone, online and at self-service machines. Multi-trip tickets can be purchased at station ticket offices, self-service machines and online.

Proximity services


This proximity service forms part of the Conventional Media Distancia (Mid-distance) services currently available between Murcia and Cartagena, which currently consists of 6 trips towards Murcia and 7 trips towards Cartagena on weekdays. This service will be complemented by additional trains up to a total of 10 trips in each direction. On Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, there will be 6 trips in each direction. Consult the timetables.

Palma del Río-Villa del Río

In addition to the current Media Distancia (Mid-distance) and Metrotren services in Córdoba, there are now 4 additional services between Palma del Río and Villa del Río, with 4 trains running from Villarrubia to Palma del Río and from Alcolea to Villa del Río on weekdays. Consult the timetables.

Malaga-El Chorro-Caminito del Rey

The existing Media Distancia (Mid-distance) services have been complemented by 2 new round trip services on the C2 Cercanías line in the Álora-El Chorro/Caminito del Rey section, up to a total of 5 trips on weekdays from Malaga to El Chorro and 6 from El Chorro to Málaga. Consult the timetables.

Medina del Campo-Valladolid-Palencia

The existing Media Distancia (Mid-distance) services will be improved with new trains to provide 18 services in each direction between Valladolid and Medina del Campo and 15 services in each direction between Valladolid and Palencia. Query timetable.


The existing Media Distancia (Mid-distance) services will be complemented by 2 new shuttle trains in each direction on workdays from Monday to Friday, starting/ending in Illescas/Fuenlabrada and stopping in Humanes in both directions, offering a total of 7 daily trips in each direction. Query timetable.