How can I earn Renfe Points?

Every time you travel with our Ave (high-speed), Larga Distancia (Long Distance), Avant (mid-distance high-speed), individual passes for Media Distancia (Mid-Distance) and Cercanías/Rodalies services, you can accumulate Renfe Points, which you will earn based on your card level, comfort class, fare, channel and early purchase.

To do so, you must indicate your card number when making your purchase on any channel (station ticket offices, RenfeTicket App, multiproduct self-service machines, Renfe website, telephone ticket sales service "Renfe Contigo" at 91 232 03 20 and authorised travel distributors and travel agencies).

You can also earn Renfe Points from the of partner companies

Also, when you pay with the Renfe American Express card you will get an additional 15% of the price on all your purchases in Renfe Points. 1€ spent with the card = 0.15 Renfe Points.

Example of earning Renfe Points 

Points for every €50 spent on Ave (high-speed) trains via internet and mobile channels by 60 days before the train's departure:


Standard Class

First class

(Flexible Fare)

25 Points

27 Points

Journey Fare

21 Points

23 Points


16 Points

18 Points


10 Points

11 Points


How can I redeem my Renfe Points?

You can use your Renfe Points to travel for free on any of our Ave (high-speed), Larga Distancia (Long Distance), Media Distancia (Mid-distance), Avant (mid-distance high-speed) and Cercanías/Rodalies trains. When you buy your tickets, you will be given the price expressed in Renfe Points.

10 Renfe Points are equivalent to €1.

You must have at least the same number of points as the ticket price since no fractioned ticket purchase may be made: part with points and part in euros.

You can also redeem your Renfe Points in hotels, car hire, donations to NGOs, etc. thanks to our partner companies.

Some ideas to redeem your points when departing from Madrid:



Some ideas to redeem your points when departing from Barcelona: