Types of seat for your journey by train

On every AVE or Larga Distancia (long distance high-speed) train trip, you can choose the level of comfort and features you are interested in, by purchasing a Básic (Basic), Elige (Pick & Mix) or Prémium (Premium) ticket and enhancing your experience with extra services.

This customisation includes the type of seat in which you are going to travel: Standard seat or Comfort seat (which means more space)

  • If you purchase a Básico (Basic) ticket, you will travel in a Standard seat
  • If you buy a Prémium (Premium) ticket, you will travel in a Comfort seat
  • The Elige (Pick & Mix) ticket allows you to choose the type of seat: buy Elige Estándar to travel on a Standard seat or purchase Elige Confort to travel on a Comfort Seat (XL size)

Whatever type of seat you travel in, you will always travel comfortably and safely.

Comfort Seat

Your journey, at the highest level. With the Comfort seat (formerly First Class), you will enjoy more space and wider seats. It is located in carriages with a 2+1 layout, i.e. each carriage has a row of 2 seats, aisle and a row of 1 seat.

Buy a Prémium ticket or a Elige Confort ticket to travel in this type of seat.



Standard Seat

Your trip in a Standard seat will not disappoint you, we will guarantee the quality of all our services. The Standard (formerly Economy) seat is located in cars with a 2+2 layout, i.e. each carriage has a row of 2 seats, an aisle and another row of 2 seats.

Buy a Básico ticket or Elige Estándar ticket to travel on this type of seat.


The seat type is another feature of each of the travel options on AVE and Larga Distancia (long distance high-speed) trains. This means that with the Básico (Basic) ticket you will always enjoy a standard seat, and with the Prémium (Premium) option you will always enjoy a comfort seat, while with the Elige (Pick & Mix) option, you choose whether you want a standard seat or a comfort seat.