Bicycles and scooters

Travel with your bicycle or scooter on all our trains. Only specific types of trains allow you to travel with a bicycle or scooter, so read on!

  • If you are travelling on AVE (high-speed), Larga Distancia (Long Distance) or Avant (mid-distance high-speed) trains:

    • Your bicycle or scooter must be folded or disassembled and carried inside a bag. One bicycle or scooter per person.
    • If the sum of the dimensions of the case is less than 180 cm, they are considered as hand luggage. If they exceed 180 cm, they will be considered as special luggage (maximum dimensions allowed 120x90x40 cm.)
    • Pedals must be removed and the handlebars turned 90º.
    • Remember to add the Bicycle Add-on when you buy your ticket if the bicycle exceeds the maximum hand luggage dimensions, it is free!


  • If you travel on Media Distancia (mid-distance) trains (not Avant):

    • Folded bicycles may travel as hand luggage or special luggage, depending on the measurements (see all the information).
    • If the bicycle is not folded, the only restriction is that you can take only one bicycle or scooter per person. They do not need to be disassembled or carried inside a bag.
    • On Media Distancia (Mid-distance) trains, your unfolded bicycle travels in the specific area on board for transportation. Please note that the number of bicycles that can travel on each train is limited (up to three bicycles). When you buy your train ticket, once you have selected the train, you will see a list of add-ons, from which you can select the ticket for your bicycle. On routes of more than 100 km, this ticket costs 3 euros and on routes of less than 100 km it is free, although you will have to book your space when purchasing the ticket. 
    • If you have a pass, you will not be eligible for the bicycle add-on when you validate your trip, so you must go to a ticket office in your station.


On AVE (high-speed), Larga Distancia (Long Distance), Media Distancia (Mid-distance) and Avant (mid-distance high-speed) trains, all passengers must select the Bicycle Add-on when purchasing the ticket.

On Cercanías (Suburban) and Feve, your bicycle or scooter travels for free in the specific travelling spaces, provided that the occupation of the train allows for this. If there are no marked spaces, place them on the train's access platform, without invading corridors or non-folding seating areas.

You can also leave your bike in any of the bicycle parking spots at the stations. Read the information.