Rail travel advantages

If you have a 33% or higher disability rating, you can purchase the Tarjeta Dorada Card, which offers discounts of between 25% and 40%. If you have a 65% or higher disability rating, you can travel with a companion who will have the same travel conditions as you in terms of prices.


Do you use a wheelchair or an electric medical scooter?

Note the maximum dimensions allowed on board for wheelchairs, both manual and electric, and electric medical scooters: width 700 mm, depth 1,300 mm and height 1,400 mm (Royal Decree 1544/2007 and R.D. 537/2019).

  • If you use a wheelchair or electric medical scooter and are travelling in a regular seat, remember that both must be foldable for easy transport.
  • On some Media Distancia (Mid-distance) trains, your ticket may not have a seat assigned. If you are going to make your trip in an H seat, do not forget to request it on the phone at 91 214 05 05.
  • If you have mobility problems and need a wheelchair from the assistance service to move around the station and/or access the train, request it by calling 91 214 05 05.
  • If you use other special devices for your mobility, contact the Main Office Adif ACERCA for the possibility of boarding them.

Are you travelling with a guide, assistance or support dog?

Guide, assistance and support dogs travel for free with you; you must provide the documentation that proves their duties. Likewise, these dogs are allowed to enter and stay in public buildings and premises.

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are those trained in specialised and officially recognised schools to accompany, guide and help people with disabilities.

Support dogs have been specifically trained and warn of a medical alert in people with diabetes and epileptic disorders.

Trainers and socialisation agents have the same access rights as users of guide, assistance and support dogs when accompanied by them during the socialisation, training, final adaptation and re-education phases of these animals. Dogs must be duly identified and the instructor must carry the animal's corresponding supporting documentation.

Do you wish to travel in a group?

Contact the Main Office Adif ACERCA for advice on the organisation of the trip (91 774 40 40 / oca.asistenciapmr@adif.es).


On board the train:

For ease of comprehension, the films are subtitled.

On-board staff will be happy to assist you in whatever you need. Throughout the trip, they will make sure you are comfortable and will be available in case you need to request anything.

If you need special assistance to communicate, understand staff instructions, eat, drink or go to the toilet, you can do so with a companion.