The cheapest way to travel by train

With the Básico (Basic) ticket, you always get the best price for your trip, with the quality of all our services. Remember that you will always get the best deal if you buy your ticket in advance.




  • Travel in a Standard seat, with reclining seats, reading light and plug, for a comfortable, relaxed and connected trip.
  • You can change the ticket holder if you need to for only €40
  • Enjoy music on board: tune in to the music channel of your choice (classical, pop/rock, jazz, folk...), lie back in your seat and relax.
  • Enjoy cinema on board: from your seat and at no cost. Most of our trains feature displays on which films, series, documentaries and programmes are played during the trip. We change the programming every month, so you are never bored during your trip.
  • Headphones, to enjoy on-board music and entertainment.
  • Free luggage: you can carry up to 3 items of hand luggage onto the train, at no extra cost, provided that the sum of the three does not exceed 25 kg.
  • Luggage rack: enough space to have your bags within reach and in sight.
  • Toilets adapted to people with reduced mobility.
  • If you are travelling on an AVE train, connect to our free Wi-Fi network and make the most of your trip with PlayRenfe.
  • Drinks, snacks, salads, sandwiches, appetisers... Most of our trains have a buffet car, so you can treat yourself, and a mobile bar, in caseyou prefer to buy your snack and drink from the comfort of your seat. Vending machines are at your disposal in other trains.
  • Take advantage of the Silent Carriage for a noise-free trip.
  • You also have the "Combinado Cercanías (Combined Cercanías)" ticket in all your travel options. You can get two tickets to travel on Cercanías (Suburban), Rodalies (Commuter), Feve or the Alicante TRAM network, free of charge. You can use them from 4 hours before departure of the train and up to 4 hours after arrival at destination. Receive these free tickets at self-service machines and station ticket offices, scanning the barcode or entering the code on your ticket.


  • Make changes with a charge of 20% or cancel and pay a charge of 30% for only €12 (changes and cancellations in the Elige (Pick & Mix) option).
  • Don't let anything spoil your trip: changes at no cost (except for the price difference of the new ticket, if any) and cancellation for only 5% of the ticket price, up to a maximum of €30 (changes and cancellations of the Prémium option).
  • Select the seat you want to travel in for only €8.
  • Travel with your pet for only €20.

All tickets for travelling on AVE and Larga Distancia (long-distance high-speed) trains have the passenger's name on them. Do not forget to bring a valid identity document with a photograph (national ID card, driver's licence, residence card or a passport). Identity checks may be carried out during the check-in process or on board trains.