Train & Fly

Fly high with Renfe and Iberia. Train & Fly offers everything you need in a single ticket to connect directly to the world.

Our new combined Train & Fly ticket connects 14 national Renfe destinations (Zaragoza, Seville, Malaga, Córdoba, Valladolid, València, Alicante, León, Granada, Pamplona, Salamanca, Albacete, Murcia and Ourense) with Iberia's international flight network and its many destinations in Europe, Africa, the Middle East or America, via Madrid.

Whatever your idea is, Train & Fly gives you much more than you imagine!


A Train + Airline ticket packed with advantages

  • We have expanded to 14 the number of Renfe destinations from which you can connect, via Madrid, with Iberia's international flight network, greatly increasing the available travel options and schedules.
  • When the train arrives at the Madrid Atocha or Madrid Chamartín - Clara Campoamor stations, you have a direct and free connection on Cercanías trains with the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport (Airport-T4 station), thanks to Combinado Cercanías, included in your ticket (also valid for your train journeys from the airport).
  • Book and manage your trip is easy and comfortably: you can buy your train + airline ticket in a single search and purchase.
  • This is a single ticket that covers the entire journey, so you will benefit from all the advantages and guarantees of a connected passenger with regards to cancellations and/or delays.
  • The Train & Fly combined ticket is less expensive than the train and airline tickets when these are purchased separately.

Start preparing your trip with Train & Fly!



What is Train + Fly?

Train + Fly is a combined train and airline ticket that allows you to travel between fourteen Spanish cities and Iberia's international destinations via Madrid Atocha or Madrid Chamartín - Clara Campoamor with a single ticket.

The journey to/from Madrid is made on Renfe trains, the international route is operated by Iberia.

Where can I purchase the tickets?

Using Iberia's sales channels and in travel agencies.

One or two tickets?

It is a single ticket with two travel documents, one for the train journey and the other one for the aeroplane trip.


What is the price of the train ticket?

The train ticket to the final destination is included in the price of the airfare. It is a single final destination/origin ticket.

If I buy a ticket in Business, what kind of Renfe seat do I travel in?

Business Class in this combined product gives access to the Choose Comfort ticket and the Comfort seat type.

Do these tickets accept changes and/or cancellations?

Changes and cancellations are subject to the conditions of the airfare applied and can only be made through the sales channels authorised by Iberia. Information about these operations can be requested over the phone at 901 111 500.

Changes and cancellations cannot be made at Renfe points of sale.

How much luggage can I carry with me?

The amount of luggage is determined by the fare at the time of purchase.

If you want to carry excess luggage on the aeroplane, you can purchase this service on the Iberia website or at the airport, although we recommend the website because it is cheaper. For the train journey, please check the luggage conditions

Where do I need to check in?

For the aeroplane journey at in online check-in.

The train journey requires no check-in, you can access the train with the ticket printed when you purchased it.

Is the connection between the aeroplane and train at Madrid Airport?

Trains for this type of combined ticket arrive/depart from Madrid Puerta de Atocha or Chamartin - Clara Campoamor stations. Transfer between the airport and the station is made using the Renfe Cercanías service. This trip is included in the combined ticket, so it does not have to be purchased separately.

You can print your Cercanías ticket at ticket offices, or on self-service machines by entering the locator that appears under the heading "Combinado Cercanías" on the train ticket.

You have a minimum connection time of 2.5 hours, so you do not need to rush to make the connection. If you do not want to use the Cercanías ticket, you have different public transport options, which are not included in the combined ticket.


Can I earn or redeem points with Más Renfe (loyalty programme)?

This option is not currently available for combined Train + Airline tickets.

Can I earn or redeem Avios points?

Avois points cannot be earned or redeemed for train journeys, but they can be earned or redeemed for aeroplane trips.


Does Renfe's punctuality commitment apply to these tickets?

The punctuality commitment required by law applies to:

  • 60 minutes or more: 50% compensation
  • More than 90 minutes: 100% compensation

In case of incidents or delays, who should I contact?

You must contact Iberia through Serviberia at 901 111 500.

Is assistance provided when accessing the train on wheelchairs and for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, remember that if you need assistance, you can request it from Renfe by calling 91 214 05 05 or by visiting any Assistance Office. This service does not include transfer between the train station and airport (and the other way around), but public transport connecting the station and airport is accessible.

This service is provided by AENA at the airport.

Assistance service

Is there an unaccompanied minors service available?

Currently, this service is not available.

Can I bring my pet?

Currently, this service is not available.



If you have a national or international ticket from any airline to or from the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands or Melilla, or a holiday cruise ticket or pass from any ferry line operating at Spanish ports, you can receive a 10-25% discount on your train tickets. This fare is known as the Intermodal Fare. Please note that the maximum time between arrival and departure of both means of transport is 48 hours.

Read the specific terms and conditions of this offer.