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Cervantes Train and Castille Countryside Train: Spring and Autumn

Renfe has Tourist Trains that do weekend or a day-long trips, designed and organized to discover and enjoy the heritage and nature of unforgettable places. The established itineraries are:


Cervantes Train

The Cervantes Train takes us from Madrid to the historical city of Alcalá de Henares, to enjoy a memorable and entertaining day in the cradle of the most universal Spanish writer. The city is a Unesco World Heritage Site and was a preeminent centre of culture during the Golden Age.

The trip consists of the train ride and a guided tour enlivened by actors dressed in the style of the seventeenth century, introducing the traveller to the life and times of Cervantes and visiting city’s famous landmarks like the Calle Mayor, the Cisnerian University, the Magistral Cathedral, the Plaza de Cervantes, the home of the author of Don Quixote, the Comedy Corral, Antezana Hospital, the Chapel of the Listener and the Tower of Santa María.


Medieval Train

The Medieval Train offers a different, original and fun way to visit the historic town of Siguenza with departures from Madrid, on a journey rich in history, theater, gastronomy and crafts.

After the train ride of just over an hour and twenty minutes, enlivened by actors playing some the most representative characters of the medieval period, travellers can enjoy a long walk accompanied by local guides, to admire the city of the Doncel its best, encountering historic sites such as the Cathedral, the Castle, the Plaza Mayor and the Casa del Doncel, as well as the the architectural charm of the urban landscape.

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