Holy Week in Cadiz, the passion of the locals

Holy Week in Cadiz is one of the most famous places for Easter in Spain. And it's no wonder, as Andalusia, where Cadiz is located, sets the international standard when it comes to Holy Week. Would you like to read more about Holy Week in Cadiz? Then don't stop now!

Holy Week processions and brotherhoods in Cadiz

Granted National Tourist Interest status in 2022, Holy Week in Cádiz features unique and different processions and backdrops. A few of the essentials you cannot miss include:

  • Cristo de la Humildad y la Paciencia: this float is taken to the streets on Palm Sunday and is particularly old and unique, boasting the interesting fact that it was created by a group of float bearers of Basque-Gipuzkoan origin.
  • El Nazareno: one of the most beautiful processions in the city that ends its journey at dawn. Spending Holy Week in Andalusia and not staying to see the floats at dawn is almost sinful, which is why we're sure you'll stay up late to witness the spectacle!
  • La Buena Muerte: did you know that this float has been classed by experts at the Holy See as the best representation of Jesus in the world? How are you going to miss that? What's more, this procession is particularly important as it is silent, not even broken by those who lead the procession.


Travelling to Cadiz for Holy Week is all about witnessing one of the biggest events in the city. Locals, like many Andalusians, are particularly passionate about the occasion, meaning that respect and tradition are palpable in the air.

If you travel to Cádiz at Easter, be aware that the city can become particularly crowded, so if you are not a fan of large crowds, we recommend that you watch the processions from more spacious spots, such as the city's avenues.

What to do in Cadiz during Holy Week

To really enjoy Holy Week in Cadiz, you will need to replenish your energy levels, right? Cadiz is a place where gastronomy is particularly important and there are typical dishes to mark the occasion that you can sample in any bar or restaurant. Cod, for example, is the king of Lent and is used in very typical dishes including cod with chickpeas, cod omelettes, cod croquettes or pavias.

However, if you have a sweet tooth, you mustn't miss creations that have been passed down from generation to generation, including alpisteras, rice pudding or bollos de cuaresma. What better than resting up after a day watching processions than sampling the typical food? Nothing!

What's more, it should also be noted that if you are interested in something other than enjoying Holy Week, you can't miss the essentials of this city, which is home to beautiful monuments and sites worth seeing.

If you are a fan of the beach, we also have the perfect plan for you. At this time of year, the temperature in Cadiz is usually pretty decent and can even get quite hot, meaning a walk on the beach can be the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city during Holy Week. This city really has it all, wouldn't you say?



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