Come and see the Game of Thrones filming locations in Girona 

Discover the Spanish filming locations in Girona. Travel back to medieval times with Renfe trains, which will take you at high speed to the heart of the city of Girona from 10 cities in France. Take a stroll through the streets of Braavos…  

If you haven't spent the last 10 years in a cave, you're bound to have heard of the series Game of Thrones. Since the American channel HBO adapted it for television, George R.R. Martin's saga has become a bona fide phenomenon. The Catalan city of Girona, where the series was filmed, is a great way to immerse yourself in the world.

And it's easy to understand why producers are so enthralled. Within Girona's walls lies its old town, famous for its cultural and architectural heritage. There are narrow streets with worn cobblestones, historic sites and other authentic monuments. It's a truly special atmosphere, perfectly suited to the spirit of the series. You can visit the film locations on Renfe trains in just a few hours. A godsend for fans, a new experience for others. Here's a list of places to visit to get a feel for the world of your favourite series: 

Cathedral of Saint Mary   

Surely the most impressive monument in the whole city. Built on a promontory, Girona's Cathedral dominates the whole city. You'll have to climb its monumental staircase to get there. Can you guess which character climbed these steps? Here's a hint: he/she did it on horseback…  

La plaça dels Jurats   

This square, beautifully surrounded by the stone walls of the Cathedral of Saint Mary, played host to a scene featuring the famous Maisie Williams, alias Arya Stark. The square is said to have been transformed to become a key location in the city of Braavos, as glimpsed in episodes of the previous season. A place to discover as you descend from the cathedral forecourt. 

Cathedral of Saint Mary


Carrer de Ferran el Catòlic    

Boat hulls, fishing nets and bait of all kinds were spotted during the filming in Carrer de Ferran el Catòlic. Transformed into an immense maritime market for the occasion, it leads to the old Arab baths. A medieval setting to explore, dating back to the 12th century.   

Pujada de Sant Martí    

Take a stroll around the intersection of Pujada Sant Martí and Pujada Sant Domènec. Opposite the Bistrot restaurant, you'll find a vaulted street, a landmark of the old Jewish quarter. Clad in wooden planks, baskets and screens, the area was once home to a famous market scene. 

 Pujada Sant Domènec


Even if the Game of Thrones series isn't your thing, Girona is also a popular destination for sports fans. Book your tickets now with Renfe, and set off to discover Girona, or Braavos for the nightwatchers reading this! 

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