A city whose history dates back more than 2000 years


Discover Huesca

Huesca was Bolskan to the Iberians, Osca to the Romans and Wasqa to the Arabs, reconquered in 1096 by Pedro I following the battle of Alcoraz. The mediaeval city was a royal court based in the current palace of the Museum of Huesca, playing host to the events that form part of the legend of the Campana de Huesca.

The Church and Cloisters of San Pedro el Viejo is Romanesque in style, while the Catedral de Jesus Nazareno is Gothic in style. The Renaissance period left its mark with buildings such as the Town Hall and monuments including the impressive altarpiece of the Cathedral, made from alabaster by artist Damián Forment. The Baroque period is reflected in all its splendour at the Basilica de San Lorenzo and in the Churches of Santo Domingo and San Vicente. In the 19th century, Huesca was named capital of the province.


The city boasts a rich variety of gastronomy served at nationally renowned restaurants, some of which have Michelin stars. Alternatively, travel "la Ruta Dulce" to take in the city's pastry shops, sampling its different pastries.

Take a stroll through Parque Miguel Servet to enjoy the city's green lung, where visitors can see sculptures by Felipe Coscolla and Ramón Acín, whose little birds are a symbol of Huesca.

Surprise yourself

The city celebrates the festivities of its patron saint from 9 to 15 August, in honour of San Lorenzo; they have been declared a national tourist attraction and feature emblematic events including a firework display, performances by Danzantes de Huesca, the offering of flowers and fruits, a bullfighting fair and the examples of typical Aragonese folklore, in addition to a wide variety of street events.

And why not explore Huesca's surroundings, including Castillo de Loarre, Montearagón or Vadiello, the Sierra de Guara and the imposing Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park. Prepare to be left speechless.

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