Santander's beaches: you won't want to go home


If Santander and its surroundings are known for something, it is for their immense natural wealth, their green landscapes, their living nature and of course, their beaches. Ready to discover Santander's beaches with us?

La Magdalena and Playa de Bikini: a royal treasure

To say that La Magdalena is an icon of Santander is an understatement. This peninsula is home to two of the most famous beaches in the Cantabrian capital: Playa de la Magdalena and Playa de Bikini.

La Magdalena is particularly popular with families with children as it has a playground, while Playa de Bikini is more popular with young people, and for good reason... The beach is located close to Menéndez Pelayo International University, where at the start of the twentieth century, foreign students took Spanish courses. And so it was given its current name in the 1960s, when foreign students started to wear this garment on the beach.

El Sardinero, Santander's most famous beach

You might not know that the famous Playa Sardinero in Santander is actually made up of two beaches: Primera Playa del Sardinero and Segunda Playa del Sardinero. Interesting, wouldn't you say?

These urban beaches are separated only by the Jardines del Piquío and although they are practically the same, people tend to have their favourite. Both boast fine golden sand and a variety of services for bathers including toilets, showers or sun loungers for rent. Furthermore, between the two of them, they span more than a kilometre, making them perfect for people who love to take a walk on the beach!


Playa de Mataleñas

This beach is actually a cove bathed in turquoise waters located between cliffs, a veritable paradise near the city! Mataleñas is also a quiet spot that is a little off the beaten track compared to Playa Sardinero, (possibly because it is more difficult to access, having to take steep steps to get there), although it is equally attractive and highly recommended if you are looking for a haven of peace without having to leave Santander.

Playa de La Maruca 

Located in the north of Santander, Playa de la Maruca boasts a charming and quiet atmosphere. This urban beach is perfect for relaxing while listening to the gentle rumbling of the waves. It is also home to an extensive area of sand where you can sunbathe and enjoy a pleasant day at the beach. How does taking a walk along this beautiful beach and enjoying its tranquillity sound?   

Playa de Rosamunda  

Playa de Rosamunda, located in Santa Cruz de Bezana, is a veritable hidden treasure. Surrounded by stunning cliffs and green forests, it takes you to a world of tranquillity and natural beauty. Its fine, golden sand invites you to kick back in the sun while enjoying the lapping of the waves. What's more, its crystal clear waters are ideal for a refreshing swim and water activities, including but not limited to snorkelling. Make sure to explore the surrounding area and discover the wonderful hiking trails that offer panoramic views over the coast.   

How to travel to Santander

If you're dead set on visiting Santander's beaches, it's time to start preparing your trip and Renfe wants to make it as easy as possible for you. Take a look at our routes, helping you reach your destination in the most comfortable, sustainable and quickest fashion.