The best places to see in Sitges


Surrounded by Malvasia vineyards and mountains of the Garraf massif, Sitges, a Mediterranean town steeped in art, leisure and culture, is one of Catalonia and Spain's most attractive tourist destinations!

If you want to find out more about what this old fishing village has to offer, read on and discover the must-sees during your visit to Sitges.

Sitges, art in its purest form!

Sitges is particularly known for hosting the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, one of the most famous festivals in Europe and the first
in the world dedicated to fantasy films. This might have something to do with the fact that over the course of the town's history, both local artists and those from further afield have been attracted by its light, its mild climate and the Mediterranean breeze.

In fact, it could be said that Sitges is an exponent of modernism, thanks to artists such as painter and writer Santiago Rusiñol or Miquel Utrillo. Rusiñol had his house and workshop here, today repurposed as the Museo del Cau Ferrat , which is worth seeing not only on account of its unique architecture, but also because it houses works by other artists, such as Picasso or Zuloaga.

As for Utrillo, he was responsible for building Palacio Maricel, an artistic ensemble boasting an unparalleled explosion of colours home to Museo Maricel. While Sitges is full of places to photograph, the sunsets on the shores of the Mediterranean seen from the Maricel viewing point deserve to be immortalised in a selfie.

Explosion of Modernism

At the end of the 19th century, people returning from The Antilles as bourgeoisie built imposing modernist mansions, dotted with colour, in this area. Walking along the promenade and around the historic quarter, you will not only delight in the sea views, but also in all of these mansions, which in turn contrast with the simplicity and harmony of the white houses of the fishermen with occasional blue tiles.

With this in mind, a visit to Sitges wouldn't be complete without a stroll through Plaza de la Vila, home to Casa Bartomeu or the Casa del Reloj, two modernist buildings built in the twentieth century worth admiring.

Another architectural charm that you cannot miss is the baroque Church of San Bartolomé y Santa Tecla, which can also be seen from the promenade.

Sitges and its beaches

One thing you cannot miss when visiting Sitges is its beaches, especially Playa de Sant Sebastiá, named one of the best urban beaches in the world.

This beach aside, Sitges is the perfect place to enjoy some sunshine on its many beautiful beaches. La Fragata and La Ribera if you are looking for the most central options, Playa de Terramar and Playa de la Barra if you are looking for something quieter or Playa del Muerto if you want something hidden and truly special.

But there is much more to this idyllic fishing village than beaches and sunsets. You can also lose yourself in its streets and admire not only the colonial mansions, but the tropical gardens, such as Terramar, which will make you feel like you are somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean. The garden also serves as the backdrop for multiple cultural events, including music festivals.

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Sitges festivals: tradition and modernity combined

Another one of Sitges' charms and another of its great tourist attractions are its festivals and its wonderful nightlife.

Testament to this is the famous Calle del Pecado, (actually called Calle del Primero de Mayo), home to bars and restaurants that are busiest during the city's famous carnivals or during Gay Pride.

The town is also steeped in tradition. From Corpus Christi, when its squares are covered with carnation carpets, to the festivities in commemoration of its patron saints, San Bartolomé and Santa Tecla. At these events, you will not only enjoy the food, you will taste wines and cavas from neighbouring Penedés, as well as enjoying parades with giants, bigheads, eagles and dragons, Sitges dances, and fireworks.

And of course, you cannot visit Sitges without savouring the sea through its gastronomy, from its 'xató' salad (xató is actually the nutty dressing and the salad usually contains endives with anchovy, tuna and cod) to its 'suquet' (fish casserole) or 'arroz a la sitgetana' (a soupy meat and seafood rice) paired with its characteristic sweet wine.

How to travel to Sitges.

Travelling to Sitges from Barcelona couldn't be easier! Thanks to its privileged location, it is very easy to travel to Sitges from Barcelona and the surroundings on Rodalies (commuter) trains. What's more, Sitges train station is just a short walk from the town centre and its beautiful beaches.

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