Dragons and architectural treasures on the shores of the Mediterranean.


You cannot miss it

Located very close to the Pyrenees and bathed by the sea, Barcelona is the city of architecture without limits. Thanks to Gaudí, you will be able to delve into the colours, textures and plasticity of its modernist work, unique in the world. Beyond its architectural flagship, the Sagrada Familia, most of its creations in the city will transport you to imaginary worlds that deserve their recognition as a World Heritage Site, declared by Unesco.

Its legacy will not leave you indifferent either, you only have to see the facade and interior of the Palau de la Música de Domenech and Montaner to be blown away by the vivid tones that its stained glass windows project.

Want to know more?

Perhaps, because of that magical halo that Gaudí left in Barcelona, it is also known as the city of dragons. If you look closely, you will surely find scales and claws in more than one corner of its streets.

The cosmopolitan history of Barcelona leaves traces of the Roman Empire, Gothic cathedrals that inspired novels and medieval castles with captivating views. Here you will find a perfect blend of nature, leisure and culture.

Give yourself a treat

Streets filled with life, from Verdi, where you can enjoy a glass of homemade vermouth or buy a vintage item, following the Paseo de Gracia, the Gothic Quarter or Las Ramblas. Don't forget to walk into the market of La Boqueria to enjoy the many smells and flavours of the sea and land.

Seasonal plans

  • There is no better time to enjoy the calm waters of the Mediterranean than summer. From the monument of the Wounded Star of Barceloneta, you can take a selfie during sunrise or sunset, watching the sun through its glasses and listen to the sound of the waves.

  • You can also practice many different water sports, but the truly native activity is 'takata', if you don't know what it is, ask those who entertain themselves near the shore with footballs and tennis balls.

  • Most unique are the nights of the beaches of Barcelona, feeling the sand on your feet while you watch a film on a large cinema screen.

  • Cinema is also found in the idyllic castle of Montjuic, where its Magic Fountain will also envelope you in a choreography of water and colours. 

  • Also, the night and the sea breeze combine perfectly, where you can enjoy dinner under the stars at the Fabra Observatory or from the roof of Casa Batlló.

  • La cultura se abre paso a través de los festivales, símbolo de la ciudad, donde experimentar con el sonido, vivir la música o  deleitarte con todo tipo de artes escénicas rodeado de monumentos y paisajes increíbles. 

  • The neighbourhoods wear their best clothes, competing to be the most creative in their decorations that will not cease to amaze you while walking through Gracia or Sants. 

  • These neighbour and visitor celebrations between streets and squares, are the prelude to what awaits you at the end of the summer season with the Fiesta de la Mercé, where you immerse yourself in the customs and fables of Barcelona through its parades of dwarves and giants, human castles, which will leave you on edge, and dances of devils under the moonlight.