A Coruña beaches: heaven in the North


Did you know that the province of A Coruña is home to an impressive 1000 kilometres of coastline? There's no chance of you getting bored here! Furthermore, a number of its beaches are perfect for surf lovers thanks to their huge waves. Ready to find out all about the best beaches in A Coruña? Don't miss them!

A Coruña beaches: you'll never want to go home

  • Bares beach: located in the Port of Bares, this beach never ceases to amaze thanks to its expansive sandy area. Home to fine white sand and boasting calm seas, it is perfect for family days at the beach. No matter how many times you've been there, this beach never ceases to amaze you. An amazing spot!
  • Pantín beach: one of the most popular beaches amongst surf enthusiasts. Located in Valdoviño, home to one of the best surf museums in the world, the Ocean Surf Museum. 
  • Perbes beach: Located in Miño, this semi-urban beach spans 540 metres in length. Its calm waters have a fairly moderate swell, perfect for a dip! What's more, this quiet beach is only crowded in high season, although it never gets distressingly busy. When you visit this beach, make sure not to miss the sunset! It will blow your mind!
  • Barrañán beach: This beach has a great swell, making it perfect for water sports. Spanning 1200 metres in length, it is the perfect beach to go for a walk and be in full contact with nature while the waves crash onto the sand. It is also home to immense dunes and sunsets that will make you want to stay forever.
  • Los Cristales beach: Located in Laxe, to the west of A Coruña, this is undoubtedly one of the most interesting beaches in Spain. Here, you can witness mankind's footprint on nature: as people started to throw glass onto the beach, the erosion caused by the impact of the waves has seen them break up into glass pebbles of a wide variety of colours. Bathing is prohibited here, although it is definitely a beach worth a visit on account of its intriguing glassy ground.
  • Mera beach: Just 15 km from A Coruña, meaning it tends to be quite busy. This small, very quiet beach is perfect for families. Its calm and crystal clear waters and the views over the impressive Galician landscape will take your breath away. 

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but in this case, not even a picture can do the beauty of A Coruña's beaches justice. If you still haven't jotted this amazing place down in your diary for your next holiday, what are you waiting for? Take this opportunity and visit A Coruña's beaches! 



How to get to A Coruña with Renfe

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Enjoy the best of Galicia, its cuisine and its beaches, travelling on one of our trains to A Coruña!