Barcelona's Boquería market

To get to know a town and its region, there's nothing like strolling through its markets, full of atmosphere, good smells and colourful images. On your next visit to Barcelona, don't miss a visit to one of the city's most popular markets, the Sant Josep market, better known as La Boqueria. But to make the most of it, you first need to book your Renfe train tickets, the easiest and most comfortable way to travel between France and Spain! 

A bit of history…  

Although La Boqueria is now a real tourist attraction, it wasn't always so busy and lively. In fact, in 1586 a Carmelite convent was founded here, the Convent of Sant Josep. The monastery was relocated after a fire destroyed the site, and the Sant Josep market was set up in 1840. It took the name of "Boqueria" because sheepmeat ("boc" in Catalan) was sold on this site outside the walls in the 13th century.  

Although many shops have been modernised, you can still find shops selling high-quality handicrafts 

A feast for the senses 

Even before you step through the big front door, you'll be seduced by the architecture of this modernist hall covering more than 2,500 square metres, a veritable maze of nearly 250 shops, vendors and bars offering not only fresh fish, butchery, charcuterie, fresh and dried fruit and vegetables, cereals, but also pastries and sweets as well as ready-made meals to take away or enjoy on the spot. In short, it's hard to imagine not finding something you'd relish…    

Some highly recommended places in La Boqueria 

For a spot of shopping… 

If you like fruit and vegetables, stop by the Fruit Ibáñez stall at number 55, which is on a corner and easy to find. You'll find plenty of local produce, especially from Viladecans. Don't miss their watermelons! Not far from there is stall number 57, Fruites Costa, which is also a very good reference point, as it has been offering quality fruit and vegetables at very affordable prices for generations!   

To stock up on reasonably-priced dried fruit, drop by the Paramí stand at 30 Carrer de Jerusalem. It has been offering quality produce for over a century, and you're sure to love it.    

For a drink and a bite to eat at the market…  

Bar Pinotxo is one of the places that has become a firm favourite with Barcelona locals. Even if it doesn't offer the lowest prices, the bar is fully booked every day, so you'll have to wait a little, but you'll be able to sample a wide range of Catalan and Spanish dishes. The menu offers something for every taste.   

You can also opt for El Quim, a bar also located on a corner, which offers locals and tourists delicious tapas in a friendly atmosphere!   

You can also sample the flavours of Catalonia, including fish and seafood specialities and vegetable dishes, at the Kiosk Universal. The dishes are tasty and the prices affordable. An ideal way to spend some quality time with family and friends while discovering the region's gastronomic delights.  

The market is full of all sorts of products for you to enjoy and which are an experience for all five senses 

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