Discovering the work of Gaudi in Barcelona

When you travel to Barcelona by train with Renfe, you'll have plenty of time to visit and then rest, and remember everything you've seen on a comfortable journey home.   

You may be tempted by an itinerary through Barcelona to discover Antoine Gaudi, the emblematic figure of the Catalan capital whose immense talent left an indelible mark on the city. Barcelona is packed with monuments by the famous architect, and it's impossible to walk around the city without coming across a Gaudi work. We've put together an itinerary so you don't miss a thing.  

Sagrada Familia

Of course, there's nothing more famous than this masterpiece, both inside and out. The Sagrada Familia is in fact a gigantic church that has not yet been finished. After construction began in 1882, Gaudi left the Sagrada Familia in abeyance, and today work continues to renovate it and put the finishing touches to it.   

You can see the Sagrada Familia from the outside and admire the architecture of the building, but you absolutely must visit the inside to discover the exceptional decorations. Whether it was the façades or the atypical shapes, Gaudi knew how to play with architecture to create incredible works of art. And as a little bonus, a diversion to the towers will give you an exquisite view of Barcelona and the other monuments on the Gaudi itinerary.   

If you really don't want to miss out on the best viewpoints in Barcelona, read on and continue your Barcelona itinerary with this in mind. 

Sagrada Familia

Other Gaudi itinerary buildings in Barcelona 

Of course, the Gaudi itinerary cannot be completed in a day if you want to appreciate all the monuments and architecture that Gaudi designed. We often find common materials and an identical style that is close to the Baroque but takes its sources from many other arts around the world.   

La Pedrera, for example, is one of the monuments worth visiting. With its towering towers and breathtaking panoramas, Gaudi managed to create something spectacular even in buildings that might seem unremarkable. Everything here is reminiscent of Gaudi's work, with rounded shapes, finely wrought iron and a unique place to see Barcelona.     

Staying on the habitat and home front, we find the Casa Batlló, where the stained-glass window will not go unnoticed, with a dragon-shaped roof that clearly demonstrates Gaudi's immense creativity and talent.   

Playing with light and shapes is the secret of a good artist like Gaudi, and if you want to see more, other works can be added to the itinerary, such as Casa Calvet and Casa Vicens, where you can eat while admiring the unique and sumptuous decor of Gaudi's works in Barcelona.   

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Relaxing in Parc Güell   

Parc Güell is also one of the best places to relax, soak up the sun, unwind and meditate in peace and quiet. Strolling through the heart of this park, you will come across shapes and structures that are typical of Gaudi's work.   

With its ever-curving shapes and omnipresent animals, Gaudi gave Parc Güell a tourist feel while retaining its natural feel. Sit on a bench, enjoy the scenery and unique settings, read Ara Sainz de la Maza's famous book "Verdugo de Gaudi" (Gaudi's Executioner) and discover all the sites that this great man created. At the heart of your Gaudi itinerary and during your visit to Parc Güell, you can head towards the Palacio Güell and the Güell pavilions, which will certainly surprise you with their beauty and majesty. 

It's like being in a cartoon with houses that reveal the sinfulness of gluttony and envy, while enjoying nature and all its benefits. Like many of Gaudi's other works in Barcelona, Parc Güell has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was inspired by English gardens and parks.   

If you want to have time to visit all of Gaudi's works, you need to book your train tickets to Barcelona without delay, so that you can enjoy all the beautiful structures and masterpieces that Gaudi offers us in Barcelona. 

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