Five traditional Zaragoza dishes

Take a Renfe train to Zaragoza and enjoy the journey and all the comforts on offer. You can even save time by travelling by train and making the most of your travel time by doing the things you want to do. When you get to Zaragoza, you can not only discover the city and its secrets, but also stop for a few moments to enjoy some of Zaragoza's signature dishes.  

Aragon suckling lamb or Ternasco 

Aragon suckling lamb, also known as Ternasco, is a delicious dish cooked over a wood fire or braised. Wood-fired cooking gives it a unique flavour that is so distinctive in the mouth that it's a real treat to eat. Aragon suckling lamb is a traditional Zaragoza dish, often accompanied by potatoes or a variety of garden vegetables. It's worth noting that the vegetables grown in the garden are highly cultivated, including green beans, onions, peppers, tomatoes and borage (another classic Zaragoza dish). You can also find this dish under the name of Ternasco, which means "lamblet" and is just as popular in traditional Spanish cuisine. 


Borage & Crespillos  

Borage is a plant that can be grown in the vegetable garden, is relatively easy to cultivate and has a taste reminiscent of the freshness of the garden. Borage is well known in Spain as a side dish, for example, but can also be used in other recipes. This distinctive Zaragoza vegetable can be used to season a wide range of dishes, including borage soups, gratins and sweets such as the famous Crespillos. Crespillos are small fritters made from borage leaves and cooked in frying oil like French oreillettes. 

Spanish cured meats  

Cured meats are also one of Zaragoza's signature dishes, served charcoal-broiled as an hors d'oeuvre or appetiser. Zaragoza's signature cured meats include Teruel ham, longaniza (a Spanish chorizo) and fardeles, a sausage made from pig's liver. Spanish ham has an excellent reputation and can be eaten sliced straight from the oven for even greater culinary delight.  

Spanish ham

Migas a la pastora with grapes   

Migas is the name given to this traditional Spanish dish, which is mainly based on dry bread flavoured with garlic and cured meats. There are numerous recipes for preparing Migas, depending on where you are in Spain. In Zaragoza, for example, you can easily indulge in a dish of Migas made with bread, garlic, chorizo and even grapes! There are several names for Migas recipes: Migas a la pastora, Migas à alentejana, Migas Manchegas, Migas Andalouses, Migas de Murcie, Migas de Almeria, etc. All you really have to do is try this original and traditional Zaragoza dish. Once your belly is full and you've eaten your fill, you can visit the city of Zaragoza and its museums, which are full of wonderful discoveries. 


Zaragoza is no stranger to fish dishes, whether sardines or cod. Cod with Ajoarriero sauce is one of the must-try dishes if you go to a restaurant in Zaragoza. The history of this dish goes back to an ancient time in Spain, which has now become a Spanish tradition. Simply put, these are cod balls cooked with garlic and served with peppers, tomatoes and eggs. 


Peaches in wine 

There are many typically Spanish desserts that Spaniards are proud to share. In particular, there are the fruits of Aragon, which can be completely covered in chocolate and eaten candied, or the previously mentioned Crespillos made from borage leaves, and of course the succulent dessert of peaches in wine. This is a dessert that goes beautifully well together, so the flavour is both light and fresh. To make yourself understood, you'll have to ask for 'melocotones con vino', but you should easily find some if you go to Zaragoza.  

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