The largest river island in Europe is located in Avignon

Avignon is known for its historical heritage and, in particular, for the Palais des Pare's and its famous bridge. It was not very long ago that visitors could spend the night in this magnificent Palace. A majestic experience, can you imagine? Sleeping in a palace and not just any palace.  

After sleeping like a king or queen, either in the Palace or any of Avignon's excellent accommodations, prepare your rucksack to leave for Barthelasse island

At this stage of the route, you can either cross Édouard Daladier bridge or cross the river on the free ferry. The best way to discover the island is by bicycle. There is no challenge to this, since it is completely flat and has exclusive bike lanes. Enjoy the agricultural environment, the small animals that inhabit the island, such as beavers or hedgehogs, and of course, the many bird species, such as herons, ducks, mallards, among others. When we feel like you need to take a break, there are places to have a well-deserved picnic with privileged views over the historical heritage of Avignon.  


Views of Avignon and its walls

Once you have recharged your batteries, you can start pedalling again to circle the largest river island in Europe. During your outing, you will have the opportunity to pass by the castle of Barthelasse, the cemetery and the crop-growing fields.   

Anyone can rent a bicycle in Avignon and it couldn't be easier. Some accommodations offer the service and two companies also offer the option to hire electric and traditional bicycles: South Spirit​and Provence Bike. And for those who enjoy walking, the tour is only 2 hours long, a pleasant walk surrounded by nature. Quite a discovery, an island surrounded by the Rhône and full of life.  

Travel to Avignon by train

Avignon surprises its visitors for its historical heritage and fun bicycle routes. A privileged environment to enjoy with your family or friends. Hop on our AVE (high-speed) France trains, AVE (high-speed) International travelling between Spain and France and simply relax in the most comfortable, sustainable and quick way as you head towards Avignon.

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