48 hours in Avignon: how to make the most of them?

Avignon is a small town on the banks of the Rhône River, in the Provence-Alps-Côte d'Azur region. Its Mediterranean climate makes it the perfect destination almost at any time of the year. Known as the second Rome for having been the residence of the Popes for several decades, the truth is that it is a perfect weekend getaway. Are you only going to spend 48 hours in Avignon? There is no time to lose! Our AVE (high-speed) France trains, AVE (high-speed) International travelling between Spain and France will take you to this small corner of southern France in only a few hours.  

Avignon is a city that seems to be frozen in time. Its medieval past is still very present: on every street, square and in every monument. If you only have 48 hours, we give you all the tips to make the most of your getaway. 

Day 1: Palais des Papes, Notre Dame des Doms Cathedral and Petit Palais 

Day 1 starts with intense activity, because you will visit the monument complex designated a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.  

The first stop could not be other than the Palace of the Popes, considered to be the largest Gothic palace in Europe. The palace was the residence of nine popes during the fourteenth century. There are 25 spaces to visit, from chapels, halls to cloisters, so you will need around 2 or 3 hours at least for the tour. Right next door is the legendary Cathedrale Notre-Dame des Doms), as well as the Petit Palais or Small Palace, where you can see 400 paintings and 600 medieval sculptures. ​​ 

The next stop is the nearby Jardin des Doms, a beautiful English-style park with amazing terraces for a break on your route. Continue walking and you will reach the famous Avignon Bridge, which is, without a doubt, one of the symbols of the capital of the department of Vaucluse. It date back to the twelfth century is made up of four arches, although when it was built it had more than 20. Nowadays, it is only used for decoration, since it does not reach the other shore. Return and check out place de l’Horloge, where you will find the Town Hall and the Opera, both of which were built in the nineteenth century. If you like art, you can visit Angladon Museum during the evening, an eighteenth-century palace that contains works by artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Degas or Cézanne. 

The Palace of the Popes is one of the most important historical buildings in France and of an unrivalled cultural beauty 

Day 2: Roman Theatre of Orange, Les Halles and Rue des Teinturiers 

A very special visit is waiting for you on Day 2. The splendid Roman theatre of Orange is located some 30 km from Avignon, in the heart of the town. The theatrical façade stands out for the statue of Emperor Augustus and for its amazing state of conservation.  

Back in Avignon, stop by Les Halles market, a food corner where you can enjoy cheeses, wines, fruits and other local products. With a full stomach, you can spend the evening strolling along the bucolic Rue des Teinturiers, a street that runs along the canal. You can't leave without visiting St. Peter's Basilica or Barthelasse island, which you can reach by ferry.​ 

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