The most intimate Narbonne

Only 2 hours from Barcelona on our AVE (high-speed) International trains travelling between Spain and France, Narbonne appears as a small undiscovered gem filled with charming and beautiful corners that are yet to be discovered. Why don't you come for a walk with us to disover them? You can't miss it. Don't hesitate and get on our AVE (high-speed) France trains. Our trains are comfortable, fast, safe and sustainable!

A walk around the city centre  

The city's historic district is only 5 minutes away from Narbonne train station, enjoy a quiet walk up to Cathédrale Saint-Just et Saint-Pasteur.    

Replacing a fourth-century church in a radiant Gothic style, the Cathédrale Saint-Just et Saint-Pasteur's construction started in 1272 and was interrupted in 1355 with the invasion of the Black Prince, but was never completed. Its presbytery features a cloister with high Gothic vaults.  

It can be seen from the villages around Aude, making it the third tallest cathedral in France, following Amiens and Bourges (41 metres high).  

On the main square, you will see the Palace of the Archbishops. The Palace of the Archbishops stands out for several reasons. Its main features are its crowing towers: Gilles Aycelin Tower - built during the end of the eighth century and beginning of the fourteenth century -, Saint-Martial Tower - the entrance of which has an anchor to represent the archbishop's feudal rights over coast navigation - and Madeleine Tower, which dates back to the eighth century –, which features an old palace of Romanesque origin and a new one of Gothic style, built between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries -. Since the nineteenth century, the palace is used for the town hall, the Museum of Art and Museum of Archaeology.  

The square also has some of the most spectacular Roman remains in France: Via Domitia. Narbonne was the first city in Gaul and this road connected present-day Italy with Spain. ​ 

A few steps away from the square is the Roman Horreum, a unique and admirable piece in the ancient Roman world, as well as being the only monument of the Roman era that can currently be seen in the city. 

Cathédrale Saint-Just et Saint-Pasteur

Canal de la Robine 

Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it crosses the city and connects with the Canal du Midi, filling Narbonne with life. Of the several bridges connecting both banks, the Pont des Marchands is the most picturesque. This stone arch, which now has a structure built on top, is the last survivor of the seven arches that were part of the original bridge over Aude River, the ancient hub between the Roman city and the medieval city. Currently, it is the only bridge inhabited in France.  ​​​ ​

Les Halles of Narbonne

Les Halles municipal market is found on the other side of the canal. You will find many different local products, which are very popular among the people of Narbonne and will allow you to have a taste the best French products.  

You cannot leave Narbonne without having something to eat at one of the gastronomic paradises for all lovers of good cuisine: Les Grands Buffets.​ ​​Found on the outskirts of the city, you can taste all the delicacies of French and international cuisine. With an impeccable service, eating at Les Grands Buffets is a dream for anyone who enjoys good food.  

Travel by train to Narbonne

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