Plan your getaway to Perpignan: the place to find the best French cheeses

​​​​​​The capital of the French department of the Eastern Pyrenees is a diamond in the rough, both from a tourist and gastronomic point of view. If you are a cheese lover, there is no better destination than Perpignan. Simply take a walk around the historic district to check out the number of shops and markets that proudly display endless varieties of cheeses.  

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Perpignan is a Mediterranean city with a medieval atmosphere, the perfect place for a weekend getaway. In addition to its obvious charms, such as the Castillet, Place de la République or the Cathedral, it is worth strolling around its alleys to look for the best French cheeses and take a piece home. Let's find these delicacies of the neighbouring country.

Explore the streets of Perpignan to discover its unique places  

Rue René Paratilla 

This busy street cannot be missed if you visit Perpignan, regardless of the purpose of your visit. It is also known as Spice Street. As soon as you get there, you will understand why. Dozens of street stalls make this corner of the historic district quite a lively place, where you can find all kinds of local products and, of course, cheeses. It is not a very long street, so take all the time in the world to inspect the delicacies you will find.   

Le Bar à Lait  

This restaurant is a must for cheese lovers. You can enjoy an à la carte menu in this restaurant, but you can also enjoy delicious cheese tastings, with an almost endless list of varieties, such as Roquefort, Brie or Paulinetois, among many others, all of them made with traditional methods. 

Au Crémier Gourmand 

Au Crémier Gourmand is one of the best cheese shops in Perpignan if you are looking for a place to satisfy a craving or buy some cheese to take back home with you. Found on Cloche d'Or 16, you will first see a huge selection of over a hundred different varieties of cheeses. What is best, most are sourced from small local farms, so an exquisite taste is more than guaranteed.    

La Cave à Fromage 

And if you are looking for a place similar to a "bar à vin", you will love La Cave à Fromage. This is a true paradise for cheese enthusiasts. You can enjoy a nice glass of wine when tasting different chesses and taste Swiss and even Spanish chesses, in addition to the traditional French cheeses. This restaurant can be found on rue Sainte Magdeleine 3. 

Travel to Perpignan by train

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