The six dishes you must try if you visit Lyon


Who doesn't want to go for a bite after visiting the city's squares, parks, museums and shows. Lyon, the French city known for its amazing cultural heritage, invites you to enjoy its best dishes, in particular, its bouchons, term used to call the restaurants that serve the most traditional and can't-miss dishes and delicacies.

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Mercière street and the Vieux Lyon district are only a 30-minute walk from Lyon Part-Dieu train station, where you can find many different restaurants with terraces, serving the city's traditional delicacies. Many of Lyon's traditional dishes are served with white sauce, potatoes and sausages, making for a hearty meal, not for sensitive stomachs. You can't miss these six delicacies: 

1. Quenelle

Prepared with wheat semolina or flour mixed with eggs, butter and milk. Some versions of the dish also use pike. It is served with Nantua sauce (a sauce made with crawfish) or with white sauce. 

2. Cervelle de canut 

This delicious semi-cured cheese recipe is seasoned with aromatic herbs, shallots, salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar. The perfect summer appetiser. 

3. Gâteau de foies de volaille 

Savoury cake made from chicken livers and tomato sauce, served as an appetizer or main course. 

4. Saucisson de Lyon à cuire 

Sausages accompanied by a potatoes au gratin. Slightly sweet/salty, a classic and delicious recipe. 

5. Tablier de sapeur 

This specialty is also called a "sapper's apron" because of its resemblance to the leather apron used to protect sappers' uniforms during dangerous tasks. This dish is made with meat cooked in broth and marinated in white wine. 

6. Tarte aux pralines 

A delicious almond cake sprinkled with red sugar.

These dishes can be tasted with a delicious glass of Beaujolais, wine produced in Lyon's north region. 

You have surely heard about the culinary expression "à la Lyonnaise", one of the most popular of French cuisine and also now a mainstay in kitchens across the world. "À la Lyonnaise" is used in many dishes, such as the popular Lyonnaise potatoes, cardoons Lyonnaise or some meat and fish dishes. It is based on something as simple as accompanying the dish with onions prepared in a specific way. 

Once you have tasted all of these delicacies, we recommend you enjoy a relaxed and digestive walk along the banks of the Rhône or, if you dare, walk up to Fourvière hill.

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