The seven places in Lyon that you won't find in a tourist guide


If you have still not visited Lyon, we invite you to take one of our AVE (high-speed) trains travelling to France and Alta Velocidad (high-speed) International trains to discover the city's historical and architectural heritage, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can travel to Lyon in less than 5 hours! Travelling by train to Lyon with Renfe also means reaching the city centre. Get ready to explore the Renaissance streets of Lyon, its impressive squares, palaces and classical monuments.

This article aims to set aside the typical tourist routes and invites you to discover new parts of France's gastronomic capital. Don't miss these seven places that will make your stay in Lyon an unforgettable one!

1.  Rue du Premier Film

Discover the street where the history of cinema was born. Did you know that cinema was born in Lyon? The Lumière Brothers filmed "Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory", the first film sequence in history.

You can also find Lumière Institute here, where you can delve into the history of cinema throughout time.

2. Painted façades of Lyon

Dare to search the painted façades across Lyon. The most famous, Mur des Canuts, a huge 1,200 m2 fresco, the largest in Europe, which represents the daily life of silk workers. This fresco also shows important figures of Lyon who made the city so famous, such as the Lumière Brothers or Paul Bocuse, famous chef.

3. Secret passage in Parc de la Tête d'Or

This is Lyon's largest green space, the perfect spot to take a break and rest, enjoy its lake, zoo, botanical gardens and its 117 hectares of green spaces. 

Visitors can find the War Memorial, a small island in the middle of the lake, which was built in memory of the soldiers killed in combat during the First World War. Cross the underground passageway to reach the island, passing under the lake. 

4. On the banks of the Rhône, live like one of Lyon's locals!

The banks of the Rhône are a pleasant place, much appreciated by Lyon's inhabitants, especially during the summer. A place where you can go for a walk and have a drink on the bridge of the barges moored there. Don't miss these little pleasures that Lyon has to offer!

5. An original and innovative tunnel: La Croix-Rousse

A very original walk. Imagine you are inside a tunnel with moving coloured light and animations along your walk. Open your eyes and contemplate this success of technology!

6. Old Water Station 

Discover an underground wonder on the outskirts of Lyon. An incredible place, Lyon's Water Station until 1976. 

7. Unusual visit to the Basilica of Notre-Dame of Fourvière

Discover the hidden places of the most famous religious building in Lyon. An unusual visit that will allow you to see the other side of the story. You will finish your tour of the Basilica at Saint-Michel terrace, where you will find all of Lyon under your feet.

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