Where can I check information about a journey?

In the timetables, indicating the stations in which you will get on and off and the date of travel. Also in the APP.

How is the price of a ticket calculated?

By counting the different areas of passage of your journey, including the stations of origin and destination in our: Zone Map

Where can I check the different fares of Cercanías?

The price link shows the prices for all tickets.

Where can tickets be purchased?

From self-service machines and at Cercanías station ticket offices.

What is the Tarjeta +Renfe&Tú card?

This is the new contactless card for your tickets; find out more at: +Renfe & Tú Contactless Card.

How many types of Tarjeta +Renfe&Tú cards are there?

Two types:

  • Non-personal: for one-way/return and 10-trip bonotrén tickets. 
  • Personal: includes the above and discounted fares.

Where can I apply for the personal Tarjeta +Renfe&Tú card?

At all Madrid stations and Cercanías Management Centres.

Where can I load my ticket with the +Renfe&Tú card?

From self-service machines and ticket offices of out stations.

Can I load different tickets on the tarjeta +Renfe&Tú card?

No, the last ticket loaded would overwrite and delete the previous one.

Can more than one ticket be loaded on the tarjeta +Renfe&Tú card?

Yes, with a maximum of two identical tickets, provided that these are Multiviaje tickets with the same number of zones.

What if my "non-personal" tarjeta +Renfe&Tú card is lost or damaged?

This type of card does not allow duplicates or the reimbursement of titles loaded on the card.

What should I do if I am entitled to discounted tickets?

Request the personal +Renfe&Tú card at stations with our staff.

What are the group travel options using Cercanías?

You can receive further information from the Group Coordination Office by calling: 91 50 66 356 and at the following link: Cercanías groups.

What is Combined Cercanías?

It is a Cercanías ticket you can get for free with the purchase of an AVE-Larga Distancia (Long Distance) ticket. Discover more.

Where can I make a complaint?

At the complaints book available in all Renfe stations. You can also make your claim, request information or make a suggestion at the Customer Service by selecting the hub, Madrid.

Where can I receive information about lost property on a Cercanías (Commuter) train?

At the Lost Property office in Nuevos Ministerios station or by calling 91 50 66 969.

Where can I request an invoice for ticket top-ups?

You can request the invoice at stations with authorised staff and Management Centres by presenting the supporting documents of your top-ups.

Is there any compensation for delays in Cercanías (Commuter) trains?

You can check the conditions at: delays. The passes of the Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid (Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid) are not included in our compensation regulations.

Where can I make inquiries and check the latest news, schedules and discounts?

On our Twitter channel @CercaniasMadrid and from the Cercanías App.

Can I travel with animals on Cercanías trains?

You can travel with pets; there are no weight restrictions for pets such as dogs, cats and birds. Learn more at Pets.

Can I travel with a bicycle on Cercanías (Commuter) trains?

Bicycles may be transported under specific conditions. You can check them at: Bicycles.

Where can I apply for a Cercanías delay certificate?

From the staff of our stations, upon presentation of a valid ticket.

How can I claim an improper credit card payment?

By completing the form available at all stations.