For safety reasons, from 12 December 2023 onwards, passengers will not be allowed to board the train with electric scooters, unicycles or similar vehicles. This does not apply to vehicles for people with reduced mobility, or to electric bicycles.

Special luggage

This is the type of luggage with special dimensions or other limitations that cannot be considered hand luggage and, therefore, has particular travel conditions.

Please note that you can only carry one special piece of luggage per person on board, accompanied by another piece of hand luggage, with maximum dimensions 55x35x25.

If travelling on the AVE International high-speed train between Spain and France, the same terms and conditions apply to special luggage, except that luggage tagging is mandatory. 

Please bear in mind that the luggage policy is stricter on Avlo trains. Read the information.


What is special luggage?

  • Golf clubs
  • Ski equipment 
  • Sports fishing equipment
  • All folded or disassembled kick scooters (non-electric) and bicycles, folded inside a carrying case or bag, with total dimensions (length x width x height) that do not exceed 180 cm and a maximum of 140x90x40 cm. (length-height-width).

Unfolded bicycles and kick scooters (non-electric) can be carried on specific trains. Read all information about this.

Golf clubs, ski and sports fishing equipment must be carried in their corresponding bags and perfectly closed.

Keep in mind that, when you are travelling on Avlo trains, you can carry the following types of luggage, which are included in the price of your ticket:

  • 1 piece of hand luggage (bag, rucksack, etc.), maximum dimensions: 36x27x25 cm, with no weight limit
  • 1 cabin bag, maximum dimensions: 55x35x25 cm, with no weight limit

If you need to add 1 piece of additional, larger-sized luggage, measuring a maximum of 85x60x35 cm (or no more than 180 cm in total), you can do so when purchasing your ticket for €10, after purchase and online for €15 or directly at the station, at boarding control, up to 30 minutes before your train departs for €15.


Dangerous objects

In addition, if you have to travel with firearms or other dangerous items, please note that they are subject to special conditions:

  • Firearms carried by private passengers: only allowed if you carry their permits and ownership documents
  • Legal weapons carried by authorised or law enforcement professionals: these can only be carried if the person also carries their badge or professional membership card
  • Bladed weapons, historic and other weapons: only sabres, machetes, historic arms or other weapons forming part of the regulatory equipment of the Military or Law Enforcement will be admitted.
  • Sporting weapons: only those that are properly packed will allowed and provided that the owner carries the card of membership of a sports association
  • Sharp, pointed or blunt work instruments: these can only be carried if they are properly packaged and the person provides documents to certify their professional activity
  • Ammunition: no ammunition may be carried (RD 130/2017 of 24 February), except for:

    • Side arms, ammunition in the loader, personnel holding a B licence
    • Firearms, ammunition in loaders, authorised and accredited personnel.

You can check the regulations regarding safety and access to the boarding area, objects not allowed and exceptions at the following link.