Fully customise your train trip. The Elige ticket allows you to configure every aspect of your trip, so that you can adapt it to what you need, including the type of seat on which you wish to travel, Estándar or Confort:

  • If you choose Elige Estándar, you will travel in the Estándar seat
  • If you choose Elige Confort, you will travel in the XL Confort seat

In addition, the Elige ticket gives you increased flexibility, because the first change is free of charge (all other changes will incur in a charge of €10) and you will be refunded for 70% of the ticket amount in case of cancellation. You can also earn Renfecitos (Renfe points)  for your purchases and use them on subsequent trips or with our partners. Remember that you will always get the best deal if you buy your ticket in advance.


  • Travelling in the Estándar seat, with reclining seats, reading light and power socket, or XL Confort seat, to enjoy more leg room and comfort during your trip.
  • NEW! The first change can be made at no cost (you will only pay the difference in price of the new ticket, if any). The following changes have a cost of €10 per change. If the new ticket is priced lower than the original, the difference will not be refunded.
  • If you cancel the ticket, we will refund 70% of the amount.
  • You can also change the ticket holder for only €20
  • Missed trains: if something comes up and you miss your train, you will be able to change your ticket to travel on the next one paying a 30% surcharge, provided that you request the ticket after departure of the train and within the next 30 minutes of its departure.


NEW! Let nothing spoil your plans for only €5 more! The Unlimited free changes add-on allows you to make all the changes you want to the date and time of travel without paying any change fees. You will only have to pay for the difference in price of the new ticket, if any.

NEW! Do you wish to make sure that you can make last minute changes for only €5 more? The Puente AVE add-on allows you to advance or delay your departure on the same day of the trip at no extra cost (i.e., you will not be asked to pay for the difference in price of the new ticket). Subject to availability and up to 30 minutes before departure of the train. This add-on is not available for tickets purchased on the date of travel.

NEW! Guaranteed full refund in case of cancellation of your ticket for only €5 more. The Full refund add-on guarantees you will receive the full amount of your ticket if you cancel up to 7 days before the train's departure or 95% within 6 calendar days before the date of departure. 

NEW, RECOMMENDED! Insure your trip for only €10 more with the Superflex pack and enjoy the best conditions for changes and cancellations, since it includes the following add-ons: Unlimited free changes, Puente AVE and Full refund. In addition, you save money, because the cost of these add-ons separately is €15: Get 3 for the price of 2! This add-on is not available for tickets purchased on the date of travel.

Are you a man of habits? Travel anywhere for only €5 more. The Seat Selection add-on allows you to choose the seat in which you will travel.

Travel with your most loyal friend for just €10 more. With the Pets add-on, you can travel with your pet, provided that the pet weighs no more than 10 kg and travels inside a cage or carrier with maximum dimensions of 60x35x35 cm. In addition, some trains travelling between Madrid - Barcelona, Madrid - Málaga, Madrid - Alicante and Madrid - Valencia offer the Dogs weighing up to 40 kg add-on for passengers travelling in the Estándar (Standard) seat at an additional cost of €35. 

Enjoy our box menus during your trip, served to your seat. The Food and drinks add-on will allow you to enjoy our box menus served to your seat, from only €5.50. What's more if you travel in Elige Confort, purchase your premium menu on board our AVE (high-speed) and Euromed trains. For just €25 for lunch or dinner, and €22 for breakfast, aperitif or afternoon snack, enjoy this delight designed by Ramón Freixa, our consulting chef with 2 Michelin stars and 3 Repsol suns.


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3 items of luggage

Customer Service Office

Punctuality commitment

Last-minute points

Audio and video on-board (except for Intercity)

Self-service Machines

WiFi (PlayRenfe on AVE (high-speed) trains)

Assistance for people with reduced mobility

Silent carriage (AVE (high-speed)/Euromed)

Combined Cercanías

Cafeteria / mobile bar service

Obtaining Renfecitos (Renfe points)


  • The changes and cancellations add-ons (Unlimited free changes, Puente AVE, Full Refund and Superflex pack) can only be purchased at the time of purchase of the ticket and are not available for Básico tickets. Choose an Elige or Prémium ticket to enjoy a greater flexibility.
  • All tickets can be cancelled free of charge within 2 hours after purchase.
  • All AVE and Larga Distancia (long distance high-speed) tickets are individual tickets with the passenger's name on, so we can contact you if needed. When you are travelling, do not forget to bring a valid ID document with a photograph (national ID card, driver's licence, residence card or a passport). Identity checks may be carried out during the check-in process or on the train.
  • The Elige (Estandar and Confort) ticket option is available if travelling on our AVE International high-speed train between Spain and France.   

Read the terms and conditions of the Elige ticket

If you travel on AVE (high-speed) or Larga Distancia (Long Distance) trains, your ticket includes Combinado Cercanías, which will allow you to travel on Cercanías (Suburban), Rodalies (Commuter) and the Alicante TRAM network. You can use the Combinado Cercanías from 4 hours before departure and up to 4 hours after arrival at your destination.

Purchase a Combinado Cercanías ticket at self-service machines and station ticket offices, scanning the barcode or entering the code on your ticket. At stations in Cercanías hubs in Madrid, Malaga, Valencia and Murcia/Alicante, you can access the Cercanías network directly by scanning the two-dimensional barcode on your AVE (high-speed) or Larga Distancia (Long Distance) ticket at the turnstiles, so you do not have to wait at self-service machines or ticket offices.