If you are between 14 and 25 years old, don´t miss the discounts on train travel with the Más Renfe Joven loyalty programme.


Más Renfe Joven

The Más Renfe Joven loyalty programme gets you big discounts when purchasing your tickets for travel on AVE (high-speed), AVE International between Spain and France, Larga Distancia (Long Distance), Avant (mid-distance high-speed), Media Distancia (Mid-distance) and Cercanías/Rodalies (commuter) trains. You will also get all the advantages of the Más Renfe loyalty programme. Enjoy the Más Renfe Joven programme!

When you become a member, you will receive your customer number and you will be able to buy train tickets at a guaranteed discount, which will vary depending on the type of train you want to travel on. Más Renfe Joven is valid for one year.

  • Discounts on AVE (high-speed), AVE International between Spain and France and Larga Distancia (Long Distance) trains:

    • 30% discount on any available price.
  • Discounts on Avant (Mid-Distance High-Speed) and Media Distancia (Mid-Distance) and Cercanías/Rodalies (Suburban/Commuter) trains::

    • 25% discount.

Tickets purchased with Más Renfe Joven can be altered and cancelled, depending on your ticket and may be subject to charges.

The Más Renfe Joven programme is assigned to a named member and non-transferable, and its price is €50. 

Youth Card

A Youth Card issued by your Autonomous Community allows you to buy tickets at a 20% discount for travel on Avant (mid-distance high-speed), Media Distancia (Mid-distance) and Regional trains on the Feve network. On AVE and Larga Distancia (long distance high-speed) trains a 5% discount will be applied on any available price.

Other international cards, such as the European Youth Card issued in countries associated with EYCA (European Youth Card Association), International Student Identity Card, IYTC International Youth Card (International Youth Global), and the GO 25 International Youth Travel Card (IYTC), are also valid.

Tickets purchased with your Carné Joven allow changes and cancellations, as long as your ticket allows it, and subject to charges.


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PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT... passengers under the age of 18 travelling abroad must provide the necessary documents, in compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of the Interior.

You can also purchase your Youth Card associated with a credit or debit card from partner banks.