What does the Bono 10 Regional pass offer?

  • Up to 10 trips, one-way or return, interchangeably
  • Always on the same route, between two stations that you must choose at the time of the purchase of the pass
  • Discounts on the General Fare, depending on the journey
  • This is s single-person card
  • Validity: 45 days from the date of purchase (included)
  • You can buy it at station ticket offices and self-service machines

Remember: you can check if this pass can be used on specific journeys at station ticket offices.

Read the terms and conditions


Once you have purchased your pass and before you travel, it is essential that you book and get your ticket for the day and the train you are interested in, what is known in railway jargon as "validation". You can purchase it at station ticket offices and self-service machines.