Lyon's best desserts

​​​​​​Lyon is one of France's food references, largely thanks to one of the most recognised Chefs worldwide and "father" of Nouvelle Cuisine, Paul Bocuse. However, sweets seem to become less important when we talk about gastronomy. That's why Renfe takes you to Lyon, so you can taste the best sweets right there. Hop on our AVE (high-speed) France, AVE (high-speed) International travelling between Spain and France. We take you there in just a few hours, in the most comfortable and sustainable way. Without a doubt, this will be a very "sweet" trip!

1. Tarte à la praliné 

This praline cake is one of the specialties of Lyonnaise pastries. The cake base is covered with a layer of crushed pink sugar-coated almonds and syrup. It is mixed with cream and baked until the cake is crispy. A real delicacy for cake lovers. 

2. Bugnes 

Known in Spain as "Buñuelos de Carnaval" (carnival fritters), this is a traditional sweet, typical of this season, although they can be enjoyed throughout the year. They are made with a fine dough similar to that of the traditional fritters, adding a tad of liquor. The dough is rested and the small very thin balls are then fried. Once fried, sugar is sprinkled on top. You will become addicted to them. 

3. Choux 

Popularly known as "Lyonnaises", these desserts can be tasted in other regions, not only in Lyon, since the "choux" are prepared across France. The dough, similar to that of the fritter, is filled with cream, cream or chocolate. 

4. Coussin 

This is a traditional sweet of the city created by chocolate shop "Voisin" in 1960 as tribute to the procession of Fourvière to implore the help of the Virgin and end the plague in 1643, which was placed on a silk cushion. This rectangular bonbon is made with chocolate and almond paste with a layer scented with Curaçao. 

Where to buy them? 

  • Clostan Traiteur: Located in Les Halles de Paul Bocuse, this "boutique" is a dream for those with a sweet tooth. This shop offers all of the region's specialties and all kinds of pastry creations that led to elevate Clostan as the best master pastry chef in the world in 2012. 
  • Voisin: one of the best chocolate shops in the city (there are many across the city), where you will find a wide range of delicacies, from Coussin to any variety made with chocolate. Its display windows are a sight to see. 
  • Café Mokxa: found in the neighbourhood of the creators, next to Croix-Rousse, this cafeteria-boutique specialises in coffee, made and produced by themselves. You enjoy a nice cup of their coffee with some of the city's traditional sweets here. 
  • Boulangerie Jocteur: Located on Île Barbe and in Les Halles de Paul Bocuse, this bakery-pastry shop offers all kinds of French bread (bread in France is a religion) and pastries, from cakes to select pastries. 

Travel to Lyon by train

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What do you think of these options? Wait, there's more! Discover Lyonnaise gastronomy by the hand of Renfe.