La Croix-Rousse: discover Lyon's most bohemian district

Lyon is a box of surprises, which are to be discovered little by little, either crossing its traboules, visiting its museums, delving into its Renaissance monuments or climbing to the top of its hills. It is on one of them that you can find Croix-Rousse ("Red Cross"), one of the most picturesque and, probably, most bohemian neighbourhoods of the city, designated a World Heritage by UNESCO.

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The heart of the silk industry​ 

You have most probably heard that Lyon is the capital of silk. What's more, the Croix-Rousse district is intimately linked to silk, since most of the silk weavers' workshops were installed here. From the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Croix-Rousse would begin to be known as "the hill that works", which used to be known as "the hill that prays", just like Fourvière​, Lyon's other most important hill.  

This neighbourhood still have remains of the time, such as Maison des Canuts museum, in which visitors can discover how silk weavers lived. Atelier de Passementerie building, where silk weavers used to like, is also a must-see place. Moreover, visiting Cour des Voraces will help you learn more about how they lived and worked.

Today, the buildings that housed these workshops have been converted into modern flats with large windows, inhabited by the most bohemian of the city. 

A garden inspired by Gaudí​

Without a doubt, one of the most charming places in this neighbourhood is Rosa Mir garden, created during the mid twentieth century by Spaniard Jules Senis, paying tribute to his mother. This is a beautiful and peaceful garden area that recalls the style of architect Antoni Gaudí and Catalan modernism.

Rosa Mir garden features a set of columns and porticos, adorned with thousands of shells, volcanic rocks and snails, right in the middle of dense vegetation. With a surface area of about 400 square metres, the garden can be accessed through 87 Rue de la Croix-Rousse. 

A neighbourhood that breathes art​

Proof of the Croix-Rousse's bohemian spirit are its restaurants, bars and alternative establishments on every corner. Graffiti, the murals and art are found everywhere, decorating the façades of some cafés.

Not surprisingly, the impressive "Le mur des Canuts" can be found in Croix-Rousse, considered to be the largest fresco in Europe, approximately 1,200 m2 big. The mural shows everyday scenes of the neighbourhood in great detail. 

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