Advantages of travelling by train with Renfe

When planning to travel long distances, we immediately tend to think of planes as the best means of transportation. However, the reality is that travelling by train has certain advantages that other means of transport lack. It's time to discover them!

Rail travel advantages

  • Comfort
    Do you remember the last time you were able to stretch your legs on a plane? As time has passed, air travel has become cheaper just as it has become more uncomfortable for passengers.

The truth is that trains can handle the cheapest prices offered by airplanes, especially taking into account just how comfortable it is to travel by train: spacious seats where you can cross your legs and even free entertainment in the form of PlayRenfe and our onboard programming.

  • Punctuality
    Although many people decide to travel by plane to save time, in reality, it is much more likely that a plane will be delayed than a train. What's more, trains have a clear, defined schedule that tends not to change from one month to the next, meaning it is reliable whether you are planning a trip in advance or taking a last-minute getaway.

    Have you heard about Renfe's commitment to punctuality? At Renfe, we promise to refund up to 100% of the ticket value if your train is delayed. Consult the information on delays and compensation you are entitled to.
  • Peace of mind
    Airports are usually at long distances from the city centre or on the outskirts. Although they tend to be well connected, they are not central and it takes longer than 15 minutes by metro or bus to get there. Train stations however are often located in the centre or very close by, making it easy for you to get to your destination.

    As well as having to travel to the airport, there are also huge queues at security. But there are security queues when boarding a train too, right? That's true, but the speed at which they move cannot be compared to the amount of time you spend in a queue at the airport.
  • Luggage
    For every suitcase you carry on a plane, you have to pay a price. However, if you travel on our AVE (high-speed), Larga Distancia (long distance) and Media Distancia (mid-distance) trains, you can take up to 3 items of luggage with you, provided that together they do not exceed 25 kg. What's more, when you reach your destination, you don't have to wait to collect your luggage, you can pick it straight up and leave the station.
  • Sustainability
    Each person who travels by train emits 14 g of CO2, compared to 285 g emitted by each person travelling by plane. People are gradually becoming more aware of the damage that airplanes do to the planet, so if you are concerned about sustainability, remember that the train is your best option!
  • Pets
    Travelling with your furry best friend is made easy with Renfe! Your pets can travel with you on our trains provided they meet the requirements, travel with their own pet ticket and do not occupy a seat.

    What's more, now you can travel with dogs weighing up to 40 kg on select AVE (high-speed) trains on the Madrid-Barcelona and Madrid-Malaga lines. Check out all the information!

    Looking for the best destination to travel with your dog? We have selected the best destinations and plans for you to enjoy with your furry friend, discover them for yourself!