Travelling with your dog by train: the best destinations in Spain


For animal lovers, there is nothing better than travelling with your pet, having a good time together, discovering new places and spending your holiday in the company of your furry best friend.

However, there are times when these trips can be tedious... Planes are an uncomfortable option for our best friends and car trips can end up becoming an odyssey. Trains are often best placed for worry-free, comfortable trips together.

Are you looking to travel by train and take your dog or pet with you? Let us here at Renfe tell you all about the requirements and propose the best destinations and train routes for you to enjoy your trip to the maximum and not miss out on any destination without your pet by your side. Let's go!

Regulations for travelling with your pet on a Renfe train

Before starting to prepare your trip with your pet, there are several points to bear in mind. Your pets can travel with you on our AVE (high-speed), AVE (high-speed) International trains travelling between Spain and France, Larga Distancia (Long Distance), Avant (mid-distance high-speed) and Media Distancia (mid-distance) trains provided that they are small pets who have their own pet ticket, they do not weigh more than 10 kg and they always travel inside their cage or carrier that is no bigger than 60x35x35 cm. The price of the pet ticket depends on the type of train you take and your fare.

On Cercanías (commuter) trains, your pet travels for free, in line with the established travel conditions.

Does your pet weigh more than 10 kg? You're in luck! You can travel with dogs weighing up to 40 kg on certain AVE (high-speed) trains between Madrid - Barcelona, Madrid - Malaga, Madrid - Alicante and Madrid - Valencia (check out the list of trains). You can travel with one large dog per person (maximum of two dogs per train in a single carriage). Purchase this extra online, available exclusively for Elige Estándar tickets.

Check out all the information!

The best destinations for travelling with your pet

Now you have all the information to start your trip, all you need to do is to choose your destination. Often, there are restrictions or limitations when it comes to travelling with our pet... At certain hotels, beaches or parks, you might be prohibited from going with your dog or pet.

With this in mind, we have selected some of the most pet-friendly destinations in Spain, meaning you can travel with your best friend without having to worry about a thing and enjoy the experience to the maximum. Time to get down to it!

  • Madrid
    The Spanish capital is home to the largest number of dog-friendly hotels and establishments, in addition to having the perfect spaces for your four-legged friend, such as El Retiro Park, which has dedicated areas for your pet to go without a lead, or the Temple of Debod, where you can also enjoy a magnificent sunset together. You can travel on public transport in Madrid with your pet provided they meet a series of requirements, which you can consult at the Madrid Tourism website.
  • Malaga
    The Andalusian city is one of the best options for those looking for a beach destination with their pet, as it has no less than 7 pet-friendly beaches where you can take a dip with your dog. Its beaches aside, Malaga is the perfect city to discover by foot, perfect for pet and owner alike!
  • Barcelona
    Another of the main destinations for you to visit with your pet is undoubtedly Barcelona. The city is fully adapted for animals and boasts countless plans for you and your furry friends. What's more, in summer dogs are welcome at Playa de Llevant and the rest of the year, you can visit the other beaches with your canine companion.
  • Valencia
    The first city in Spain to be declared a pet-friendly destination in 2019, Valencia has two million square metres of gardens for you to enjoy with your pet. Los Viveros, the Botanical Garden or the Turia gardens and its Natural Park are a few prime examples. And when you look beyond these green spaces, Valencia has almost 20 km of beaches and Playa del Pinedo has an area reserved for dogs. What's more, getting around Valencia with your pet couldn't be simpler! Your furry friends can use public buses with you, with their very own EMT Mascota pass for pets. And on our Cercanías (commuter) trains, they always travel for free!
  • Gijón
    Did you know that Gijón is one of the Spanish cities home to most dogs? So it will come as no surprise that it is also a highly sought after destination amongst animal lovers. The city boasts many alternatives and plans for you to enjoy with them. A walk along the hill of Santa Catalina and Elogio del Horizonte de Chillida, or visit to the Rinconín, the city's dog beach where dogs are welcome all year round, (the other beaches allow animals except during the summer season) are just a few of the best options.

Travelling by train with your pets

Make sure not to miss any destination with your pet and enjoy travelling with your best friend! Our AVE (high-speed), AVE (high-speed) International trains travelling between Spain and France, Larga Distancia (long distance) and Media Distancia (mid-distance) and Cercanías (commuter) trains welcome pets on board, so go ahead and enjoy the advantages that you and your pet have travelling with Renfe.

Do you need more inspiration? Take a look at our routes and get travelling!