Barcelona's three most iconic museums

There are places and monuments that leave no one indifferent when visiting the city. Barcelona boasts some of the city's most emblematic museums, which are not to be missed if you don't want to feel like you've missed out on part of the city. Among the most emblematic museums, you will find three very important ones to see. Knowing that Spain has plenty to offer in the way of museums, whether in Tarragona or on the cultural route outside Barcelona? 

In the meantime, before you set off along the cultural route with Renfe and discover all the gold mines of Spain with nothing to do but sit back in a train seat and be carried from one visit to the next, check out the most iconic museums in Barcelona that you must visit during your stopover in Barcelona.  

Sagrada Familia Museum  

A must! Indeed, it's inconceivable to visit Barcelona without visiting the Sagrada Familia, the world-famous work of Antoni Gaudi. Though Antoni Gaudi passed away 80 years ago, the construction and renovation work is still under way, with a completion date scheduled for 2026. What is La Sagrada Familia? It's the world's largest church, receiving millions of visitors every year.  

This history of the building and its creator, Gaudi are held within its walls. With stone-cutting workshops and models of the Sagrada Familia in 2026, you'll see that there's plenty to admire about Spain's cultural and historical heritage.   

It is worth noting that Gaudi was a great inspiration for Barcelona's monuments and museums, and another of Gaudi's most emblematic museums is the Museu de la Pedrera. A monument whose atypical shapes have long left potential tenants dubious. Today, Gaudi is an indisputable artist, and the Pedrera museum shows you the architecture of the period and its techniques, as well as paintings and other works of art. 

Sagrada Familia  

Picasso Museum   

Picasso fans should definitely visit the Picasso Museum. In fact, this Picasso museum is a goldmine of all Picasso's finest works, which he was able to produce at an early age, when he lived in Barcelona as a teenager from the age of 15 to 23. To add a little more value to this grandiose museum, you can move from one building to another to discover so many diverse and recognised works of his remarkable talent.  

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya  

Finally, one of the most emblematic museums you should visit is the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, or MNAC to its friends. It's worth noting that the Catalan region has its own culture, which is even more distinct from Spanish culture. You'll see just how much Catalans like to distinguish themselves from other Spanish regions, and this national museum of Catalan art is no exception. The museum brings together no less than a century of Catalan art and history, with some of the finest works on display. There are paintings, sculptures and many other incredible creations. The museum stands in Montjuic, in a resplendent palace with hills that provide an even more spectacular backdrop.   

If you're a keen walker, once the tour is over you can visit other must-see places in the area, such as Montjuic Castle, the Olympic Museum and the Miro Foundation. The majestic fountain right outside the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya is absolutely extraordinary.  

And don't forget that Barcelona is full of nice, beautiful places to wander around, such as the pedestrian Las Ramblas, Camp Nou for the more sporty among you, or Barcelona's churches and cathedrals.  

Barcelona is one of the best served places, and you'll have no trouble booking your ticket to Barcelona to visit the most emblematic museums. However, don't forget to take the train to get the best of the city. 

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