Top five museums you must visit in Zaragoza

So you've decided to go to Zaragoza and take advantage of the train that will take you not far from the town to discover some of the museums you should visit.

You can take as long as it takes, walk for hours and end up totally exhausted, but don't worry, you can then lie back comfortably in the seats of the Renfe train and let yourself be lulled to sleep until your next chosen stop. So don't waste any time thinking about the road ahead: a driver will take you where you want to go, thanks to the many trains that serve France and Spain.   

Now you just have to find out which museums you need to visit.   

Tapestry Museum   

The Tapestry Museum is one of the museums you definitely should visit. It's a chance to discover the techniques used to create life-size tapestries that will leave you in a state of deep admiration. What's more, the tapestry museum is located in the very heart of La Seo cathedral, making it all the more impressive and captivating. Tapestry lovers will be delighted to discover entire walls covered in this art form, with tapestries that have stood the test of time, but in the end there's something for everyone —even the least enthusiastic will enjoy this marvellous visit. 

Roman Theatre Museum 

The Roman Theatre Museum in Caesaraugusta is another incredible museum. The museum, steeped in history and located in the heart of the city, can already be seen from the outside. With its very well preserved arena, the museum offers a first glimpse that makes you want to go and visit this theatre in the heart of a city. If you love history and want to discover some very well-preserved remains from Roman times, this is one of the museums you must visit. From the thermal baths to the harbour and the forum, you can learn all about the history of Caesa Augusta in a visit that's both inexpensive and rewarding. 

Roman Theatre Museum

Lantern Museum

The Museo de los Faroles y Rosario de Cristal is a museum dedicated to lanterns, whose anecdotes and adventures are well worth hearing.  

If you're visiting Zaragoza during the festive season, in addition to the Lantern Museum, you'll be delighted to discover a number of other places of interest.   

For other visitors throughout the rest of the year, you can visit the museum and discover the magnificent animated stained glass windows that light up throughout the visit and tell the story of the museum. The museum, like many others you should visit, is housed in a church, a crystal Rosario that gives added value to these enchanting glassworks. This is an extremely stress-free tour, and far from being overpriced, it's a great way to get the most out of your visit in a small group.  

Pablo Gargallo Museum 

Even though the Pablo Gargallo Museum should not be the only, it is one of the many you should visit (along with the Goya Museum). This art museum showcases the collections and works of art of the famous Pablo Gargallo through his sumptuous sculptures. Visitors to this museum should not miss the last room at the top of the museum, where you can see each of the sculptures before they are assembled. The grandeur of the palace and the magnitude of the artist make this visit all the more enjoyable. 

Pablo Gargallo Museum

Fire and Firefighters Museum

There's no better way to find out more about a particular profession than to visit its museum. At the Fire and Firefighters Museum, you can discover the history of firefighters and their tools through the ages. Accompanied by firefighters with all the experience they have gained in their careers, passion and experience combine to give you an incredible tour. From the display of vintage lorries to the anecdotes and stories about each of the objects on show, this museum specialising in the life of the fire brigade is ideal for general knowledge, for a bit of history and for families, as it's a chance to get to the heart of a trade admired by all. 

Once you've visited the museums of Zaragoza, you won't be stopping there —there are still plenty of other places to discover—, why not hop on a Renfe train to Barcelona and visit these cities, equally worth a visit as Zaragoza and its museums. 

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