Montpellier: you will be surprised

Montpellier, in the Occitanie region, a young and dynamic city. According to the New York Times, there are 3 places you cannot miss. Only a few hours from Spain on our AVE (high-speed) France trains, AVE (high-speed) International travelling between Spain and France. Enjoy the delights of one of the most beautiful cities in our neighbouring country. Let's go!

The new Town Hall

The new City Hall was built on the junction between the historic district and the city's new neighbourhoods, as the first urban project of the XXI century in Montpellier, conceived as a flagship building. There is a large public square with a surface area of approximately 6,000 m² right in front of the Town Hall building, where you will find the city's most representative markets. In addition, it is packed with terraces, making this part of the city one of the most amusing to its visitors. There is a huge green area around the new Town Hall building, a new fully equipped area with about 9 hectares, which has become an area for leisure, relaxation and to discover new things. A must for architecture lovers!  


François Rabelais and Zaha Hadid's "City of knowledge and sports for all", one of the four recipients of the Pritzker award, is a project in the Hérault region. This public building is part of a new neighbourhood, which gathers homes, shops, offices and spaces for leisure. It is also the headquarters of Hérault's Municipal Archives and Media and Sports Library: 60 km of archives (some of them dating back to the eleventh century) with some 300,000 works (books, CDs and DVDs), an amphitheatre, exhibition halls and exhibitions, open to visitors all year long.           

"Haute couture" trams   

Montpellier is a city on which everyone moves around the city on foot, by bicycle and by tram. The first two tram lines were designed by Garouste and Bonetti. On Line 1, swallows announce spring, symbol of the renovation of the city's transport network and, on Line 2, colourful flowers reflect the beauty of summer in the Mediterranean landscape.

The carriages of the next two lines were designed by Christian Lacroix, fashion world icon and inhabitant of the south, native of Camargue, and a lover of the Mediterranean. The famous designed decorated Line 3 with octopuses, fish, starfish and sea monsters. On Line 4, a gold-wrapped tram runs on the Grand Coeur de Montpellier, decorated with old architectural drawings on an embroidered background, reflecting the Languedoc sun. His creations invite you to travel.

Travel to Montpellier by train

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