What to do in Lyon on a rainy day

Lyon is one of those places you can visit at any time of the year and regardless of the weather conditions. The city has quite a few museums, monuments, tours and activities for everyone. Don't worry if the sun does not shine as much as you expected when you visit the capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alps region because, even on grey days, you can enjoy this colourful and joyful place. Hop on our AVE (high-speed) France trains, AVE (high-speed) International travelling between Spain and France and we will take you to Lyon, so you can discover one of France's most attractive towns. ​​​ 

On a rainy day in Lyon, you might be tempted to stay at the hotel and not leave until it clears up. However, it is best to open your umbrella and know what to do if it rains in Lyon.

Take note of all the things you can do at Lyon! 

Sit inside a charming café 

There is no better way to start a rainy day than in one of Lyon's charming local cafés to warm up with a nice coffee and a delicious piece of sponge cake homemade French cake. The possibilities are endless when you visit Lyon.

Visit Lyon's lesser-known museums 

​​​If the sky is grey and it doesn't clear up, simply change to an indoor plan. You can visit Lyon's most amusing museums, and even the lesser-known museums. On a rainy day, you can visit Lumière Museum, which covers the history of the famous brother film-makers. Another good plan is visiting the Museum of Miniatures, found in a building in Old Lyon, which will take you to a magical universe of small dimensions. 

Visit Théâtre la Maison de Guignol ​

You may now know that the Guignol puppet show originates from Lyon. What's more, Guignol is a symbol of the city. You can watch a puppet show at the legendary Théâtre la Maison de Guignol, one of the best plans for a rainy day. 

Go up to Fourvière Hill on the cable car 

Fourvière hill is one of the many must-see places in Lyon. Walking up to the hill on foot might not seem like the best idea on a cloudy day. You can simply take the cable car and view the city from above, without getting wet and discovering this important part of Lyon. 

Stroll through the covered alleys of Old Lyon 

Old Lyon has many "traboules" or roofed passages that connect parallel streets and lead inside historic buildings. You can also find many of them at La Croix Rousse. Discovering them as the perfect activity for a greyish day. 

Spend a day at a spa 

The capital of the Rhône department has several spas that will allow you to get away from the storm for a while. A space where you can replenish your energies in a warm atmosphere.

Go shopping in one of Lyon's many shopping malls​​​ 

Finally, another good plan is spending the evening shopping at a shopping centre. You can buy a souvenir, have a coffee, look through the windows or even go to the cinema.

Travel to Lyon by train

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