Festive getaways in Spain with Renfe

If you're looking for the perfect place to spend Christmas, who said anything about having to leave Spain? Our country has a wide variety of wonderful places for you to enjoy the best Christmas getaways. From cities with decked out with lights and dazzling architecture, to rural villages with traditional charm where you can get away from it all.

And what better way to travel at Christmas than by train? Remember that this is the fastest, most comfortable and sustainable way of travelling. What's more, Renfe makes it easy for you, enjoy our discounts for children, young people, large families, seniors, groups... and much more! Make sure you benefit from the best price. Let's go!

Where to travel for Christmas.

Let's get our Christmas adventure started in Barcelona, Gaudí's perfect city. What could be better than a stroll down the famous Ramblas, decked to the halls with bright lights and festive decorations? The Sagrada Familia and Park Güell are transformed into magical settings at Christmas time. Barcelona is also known for its excellent Christmas markets, where visitors can sample delicious nougat and get their hands on unique gifts. The perfect combination of culture, fun and the Christmas spirit!

If you are looking for a more traditional, welcoming atmosphere, then head to Salamanca, another place bursting with festive cheer. This university town is transformed into a genuine fairytale at Christmas time. Its cobbled streets are lit up in warm lights and the Plaza Mayor is at the heart of the festive atmosphere. Enjoy Christmas concerts, living nativity scenes and flea markets, where you will find everything you need to celebrate these holidays in style. Imagine sipping on a hot chocolate while you take in the majesty of the Plaza Mayor, all lit up! Are you going to miss it?

How about Granada? The historic centre is decked out with lights and Christmas cheer, making for an unrivalled festive atmosphere. Enjoy Christmas carols in Plaza Bib Rambla, ice skate in the rink set up in the city centre or visit the Christmas market at Fuente de las Batallas. Make sure not to miss out on the opportunity to try the traditional "Granada punch"! This delicious hot drink with a touch of rum will keep you warm while you discover the city's hidden charms.

Also how could we forget about Sierra Nevada? If you are a fan of winter sports, then holiday here, surrounded by stunning snowy landscapes. Imagine waking up, looking out of your window and seeing snow-capped mountains right in front of you. Sounds tempting, right?

One city that couldn't be missing from our list is Madrid, the Spanish capital that is converted into a festive paradise at Christmas time. The famous Gran Via is filled with bright lights and Christmas-themed window displays. Puerta del Sol is at the heart of the celebration, with its famous clock ticking down to midnight on New Year's Eve. Make sure not to miss the famous Christmas market in Plaza Mayor, where you can get your hands on a wide range of traditional products and crafts. Christmas in Madrid is bursting with tradition, energy and joy. Now, how does churros with hot chocolate in San Ginés sound?

Vigo: an explosion of colours

No, we couldn't forget to mention Vigo, the most famous Spanish city when it comes to Christmas lights. The heart of the city's Christmas celebrations is located in the famous Porta do Sol, where a huge Christmas tree and an ice rink are set up for you to enjoy.

Furthermore, Plaza de la Constitución is also transformed into a Christmas market where you can get your hands on local products, crafts and culinary specialities.

And how about the Andalusian gem that is Seville? Seville is a city that leaves visitors speechless all year-round, just imagine what it is like at Christmas! Each year, the city prepares different Christmas activities than the previous year: light shows, living nativity scenes, markets, the largest LED Christmas tree in Europe, the Three Kings parade...

If you visit Seville at Christmas, bear in mind that unmissable special events are organised at the Real Alcázar. And make sure not to miss out on visiting the Prado de San Sebastián, which is converted into a small Christmas park with an ice rink and Ferris wheel.

Travelling for Christmas with Renfe

Christmas is one of the busiest times for travel, with roads crowded with cars and the most popular places to spend the holidays becoming places where it is simply impossible to park. But don't worry, we have the solution for you! With our Avlo, AVE and Larga Distancia (long distance high-speed) trains, you can enjoy sustainable, fast and comfortable journeys.

Discover all our routes and make sure to book your tickets for your Christmas getaway in good time. What are you waiting for?