Mountain bike routes across Perpignan

Do you like cycling? Do you want to discover new mountain bike routes? You're in luck. We invite you to discover the beautiful city of Perpignan, found in southern France. This is a perfect option to take your bicycle and discover know this beautiful place in just 24 hours.

Hop on our AVE (high-speed) France trains, AVE (high-speed) International travelling between Spain and France and simply relax in the most comfortable, sustainable and quick way as you head towards Perpignan. Forgot about your luggage and traffic jams! Let's go!

Perpignan: a city of charm ​​​​​​

The Catalan culture is still present in this charming French city. You can "breathe" the Catalan culture in its language, gastronomy and traditions. Perpignan has about 200,000 inhabitants. Once you hop on Renfe's AVE (high-speed) International train Barcelona you are only an hour and a half away from Perpignan. When you arrive, you can visit this beautiful city on a bicycle and cycle through its streets.   

Its colourful pedestrian streets are the perfect place for sightseeing on your bicycle. You will soon realise that this French city seems to have some kind of a soundtrack in the background when you walk around its streets. Jazz, rock, ... Street art that makes Perpignan even more charming. As you discover the city, you can also enjoy a moment of rest at one of its quiet terraces.   

Some of this city's many charms, located in southern France, are:

  • St. John the Baptist Cathedral or Perpignan Campo Santo. A fourteenth century Catholic building in the Gothic style. Different routes of the Camino de Santiago pass through this enclave. Elegant and plain, its presence will not leave you indifferent. 
  • Perpignan's Castillet. A small red brick castle that stands among the city alleys. Currently, it is a symbol of the City of Perpignan. ​
  • The Palace of the Kings of Mallorca. Of Romanesque and Gothic style, this building was the centre of the kingdom of Mallorca. This castle dates back to the thirteenth century and is currently the headquarters of the Consell, an organisation of the French Republic. The views from the top are breath-taking. ​​​
  • The Théâtre de l'Archipel is one of the city's most avant-garde buildings. Its name means "archipelago" and its shape reminds us of a red cobblestone, with a very relaxing appearance. If you have the opportunity to visit it you can't miss the highest section, where you will enjoy spectacular views to the countryside. 

You can't miss Perpignan's markets of Mediterranean tradition during your bike tour across the city. You will find fresh products grown in the city's orchards and fish from their coasts on these markets.   

By the way, the beach is not far from the centre of Perpignan, so you can go to the beach any time and in no time. You can have your feet in water in only 15 minutes.

Panoramic view of Perpignan 

Different mountain bike routes across Perpignan

You might also want to check out these routes if you wish to discover the most rural part of the south of France:​ 

  • Perpignan - North Millas. This route is about 33 kilometres away and is for any cyclist, crossing Toluges, Corbère-les-Cabanes and finally arriving at Millas, a commune of the town of Roussillon. If you have time, try their French cuisine. 
  • Perpignan - Serrat d’en Vaquer. A simple route through the southwest of the city, not even 10 kilometres in total. This unique fortification is located on top of a hill with a fantastic panoramic view. There are four hectares of natural land. The space is known across the world for its palaeontologic spaces. Without a doubt, a wonder worth discovering. 
  • You can take the traditional annual bike tour known as the Zebra Breakaway. A 24.28-kilometre long rout that goes from Perpignan to Villemolaque, a French commune in the Eastern Pyrenees and a place in which visitors can't leave without tasting its delicious wines. 
  • ​Perpignan - Col de Tautavel. This is a much longer route than the previous ones. This 82-kilometre long route reaches a maximum altitude of 263 metres as it crosses Col de la Bataille. This bikepacking track starts and ends at Perpignan, crossing the towns of Toluges, El Soler, Millas, Estagell, Tautavel, Ribesaltes and Pézilla-la-Rivière, then returning to El Soler and back to Perpignan. 

Mountain bike route

How to travel by train with your bicycle ​ 

Comfort is one of the main premises on all Renfe trains. You can travel by train to France on our AVE (high-speed) International trains quickly, safely and in a sustainable way. You can take your bicycle for free, with no additional charges. Forget about traffic jams, long hours inside your car and problems with your luggage! 

Here are some useful tips for your trip:

  • Have everything ready in advance. ID and other documents, ticket, tourist brochures, schedules, etc. This will prevent you from having to walk around the station with your bicycle.
  • Your bicycle must be folded or disassembled and stored inside its carrying bag when carried out the train.
  • Check its dimensions to determine whether the bicycle classifies as hand or special luggage. If it is classified as special luggage, you must purchase the Bicycle add-on when you purchase your ticket. This add-on is free!
  • Always carry an elastic cord with you, so you can fasten your bicycle and anything you wish to carry on it safely.

Travel to Perpignan by train

Do you have everything ready to start enjoying the South of France with your bicycle? Perpignan and its charm is waiting for you. It is only one hour and twenty minutes away from Barcelona. Do you dare to discover some of these routes?​ 

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