Ideas for a romantic getaway to Avignon

In Provence, romanticism is in the air. This is probably because of the Mediterranean air that flows into each and every corner, for its quiet lifestyle or for its colourful fields, especially during spring time, when lavender dyes the landscape violet. All of these charming things make​​​​​ Avignon the perfect place to visit with your partner, enjoying the cobbled streets, monuments full of history and charming restaurants, to enjoy the best of Provencal gastronomy.

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Halfway between entre Montpellier and Marseille, you can find this city of approximately 90,000 inhabitants. Avignon is certainly one of the most historic cities in France. Not surprisingly, already in the fifteenth century it was considered to be as important as Rome. 

Places to see with your partner 

A romantic getaway must be planned without haste, enjoying every step of the destination. In Avignon, you will feel like two princes in the Palace of the Popes, considered the largest Gothic-style fortress palace in the world. This was the residence of the Popes during the fifteenth century and was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You simply cannot miss the countless halls, private rooms, chapels, etc., of this amazing place.  

If you want to go for a walk with your loved one, visit Saint-Bénezet bridge, a true symbol of love in Avignon. Built in the twelfth century, it has suffered the effects of floods from the Rhone River countless times, but there it remains, indestructible. Riding a barge to Barthelasse island is one of the most romantic plans in Avignon. From here, the views of the city walls and the bridge are formidable. You can take the opportunity to stop along the way and have a creamy coffee on the island. 

Views of Saint-Bénezet bridge, Avignon's best-known monument 

Menu for two 

Avignon is the perfect destination to discover the secrets of Provence's gastronomy. It is sometimes difficult to choose from the endless number of restaurants available. A nice plan is visiting Les Halles Provençal market, which you will easily recognise for its huge vertical garden. Inside, you can find over fifty stalls that sell vegetables, cheeses, fruits and many other products, all in all, local products, but you can also taste some of these local delicacies.  

The surroundings of Place de l'Horloge are filled with restaurants and bars, where you can try the local specialties. You cannot taste the local specialties without a nice glass of Côtes du Rhône wine. 

Travel to Avignon by train

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